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Former President Barack Obama has been out of office for the better part of a decade, and yet, the ex-president conservatives love to hate still appears to occupy the Oval Office in the minds of Donald Trump and Trump supporters rent and term limit-free.

On Thursday, 37-year-old Taylor Taranto, who is accused of participating in the Jan. 6 Onrangey-White Tears rebellion at the U.S. Capitol, was arrested near Obama’s home in Washington, according to NBC News.

What was Taranto doing near Obama’s home? Who knows? Maybe he was trying to prove the ex-commander-in-chief’s birth certificate was made out of Monopoly money paper. Perhaps he heard about Obama’s skills on the basketball court and felt compelled to prove to him that white men can, in fact, jump. Maybe he was in the midst of a desperate attempt to get into Michelle Obama’s book club.

Or maybe he’s just another Trump supporter who is also a domestic terrorist and a walking hate crime waiting to happen.

The more pertinent question is: How did he know where to find Obama’s home?

From NBC:

In recent weeks, Taranto has been living in a van near the Washington jailhouse, according to his social media accounts, and has repeatedly wondered in online posts why he had not yet been arrested over Jan. 6. Taranto also posted a video of himself on YouTube inside the Capitol during the riot.

Washington police said in a statement Taranto was arrested under an outstanding arrest warrant, though the police department did not specify what the warrant was for, and that he has been charged as a fugitive from justice. Officers had the explosives disposal team sweep his van near where he was arrested, the department said, adding that there is no active threat to the community.

Earlier Thursday, a Truth Social account that uses the same screen name that Taranto uses on other social media accounts re-posted a Trump post that included what is alleged to be the address of Obama’s home in Washington and noted that the home is near a mosque. “Got them surrounded!” the Truth Social account wrote.

NBC News has also been reviewing Taranto’s Telegram account. His last post was a link to a website touting conspiracy theories about the Obamas’ home.


Obama-obsessed Trump supporters are really out here doxxing a former president of the United States. Imagine continuing to be this salty about an eight-year presidency damn near eight years after it ended.


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