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Chicago Black Principals Are Allegedly Being Discriminated Against

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Activists in Chicago are calling for an investigation into Chicago Public Schools after its decision to terminate several of the organization’s Black principles. 

According to a statement by the CPAA, at least three Black principals at CPS were unfairly targeted in investigations and are victims of discrimination and corruption. 

The CPAA also says the principles were fired under suspicious circumstances and claims CPS has a pattern of building one-sided cases that ignore testimony that might refute misconduct claims to reach predetermined verdicts.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump has teamed up with the CPAA to hold a joint press conference on Thursday afternoon, demanding an investigation into allegations of corruption and discrimination and why Black principles were fired. CPAA alleges that CPS used substandard investigative tactics with false statements to oust the principals. 

Crump will also be joined by St. Sabina pastor Rev. Michael Pfleger and Rainbow/PUSH founder Rev. Jesse Jackson. The presser, which will be held at CPS headquarters, is also calling for the removal of CPS CEO Pedro Martinez.

CPS has allegedly built cases against several principles based on fabricated reports filled with false claims.

From ABC Chicago: 

One of the cases involves the release of Abdul Muhammad back in March. He was the principal at Lindblom Math and Science Academy.

At the time, CPS would only say he was released due to an investigation that substantiated findings against him but there were no specifics.

CPS had the same response when they released Hyde Park Academy’s principal Antonio Ross last spring. CPS refused to comment on personnel matters.

The decision to hold CPS accountable for their recent firings comes just days after Mayor Brandon Johnson announced his decision to replace most of the members of the Chicago Board of Education, adding advocates with experience in grassroots organizing.

“It’s my honor to bring together such a diverse group of people from community, business, philanthropy and elsewhere to collaborate around a vision for our schools that ensures every student has access to a fully resourced, supportive, and nurturing learning environment,” Johnson said in a statement. “These are CPS parents, just as I am, and education champions dedicated to creating learning environments that support our children in the classroom and beyond.”

As the Mayor tries to transform education in Chicago, activists try to protect the teachers and principles on the front lines.


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