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Karen video - white woman kicks, spits on police

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If you’re looking for an example of apparent white privilege, you’ve come to the right place.

Amid ongoing debates about the need to teach about race, this seemingly nonstop stream of so-called “Karen” videos – footage of white women exerting their purported moral authority during situations where they lack any – can many times inadvertently provide reasons why such studies are necessary.

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In one of the most recent cases of a Karen video, the topic of police responses along racial lines to people in the throes of a mental health crisis is all but unavoidable.

The footage, apparently at an airport bar, shows a white woman drinking minutes before being restrained and arrested by four police officers while she starts rambling incoherently and acting erratically. But then the woman is shown becoming violent, kicking officers and yelling angrily before, strangely enough, demanding one of them to kiss her.

Seconds after she asks why the officer won’t do it – “I’m not sexy enough?” – she is shown spitting directly in his face at point plank range.

When the officer who was spit on doesn’t immediately react, she does it yet again.

Watch for yourselves.

There’s more to the video, but not the “more” that would have likely come if the suspect was Black.

There are countless instances of police officers responding with force, many times lethal, to Black people during mental health crises who did not assault any cops like the white woman in the above Karen video.

But in this instance, somehow, the police were not only able to de-escalate the situation but also not feel compelled to resort to violence after they were assaulted by the white woman’s kicks and spit.

In a recent example of that truth, a police officer who shot and killed a Black man during a mental health crisis was not criminally charged for the deadly response to a preventable death.

In 2017, San Francisco police officers responded to Sean Moore’s home around 4 a.m. after receiving a call about a man banging on the walls of his home, which allegedly violated a noise-related restraining order.

During the incident, which was recorded by police body camera, officers demanded that Moore come outside but he refused. According to Moore’s family, he was in the middle of a mental health crisis caused by bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Moore shouted at the officers to get off his stairs, but the officers continued to demand he exit the home.

When Moore complied, he was then pepper sprayed and beaten with a baton. Moore panicked and fought back, punching one of the officers and kicking Officer Cha down the flight of stairs. Cha then shot Moore twice, once in the leg and once in the stomach. In 2020, Moore died from complications resulting from his injuries.

Karen from the airport bar has no idea just how privileged she is to have not elicited a similar response from the officer who *checks notes* she kicked and spit on.

This is America.


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