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social media video of "Karen" being racist while parking a car

Source: | u/DrummerSteve

These days, social media is always rife with circulating videos of Karens and their Ken-tlemen counterparts harassing Black people who are minding their own business because, for whatever areas, a lot of white people appear to believe they are in charge everywhere they go. None of these videos are particularly remarkable because white people performing the act of white people-ing is as American as apple pie, baseball and systemic racism, but every once in a while there’s a needle in that white entitlement haystack that perfectly exemplifies the attitude of the Karen.

Take this video that shows a Black man trying his absolute hardest to be respectful to a white woman who is fussing at him about parking in her driveway while picking up his daughter while also refusing to move out of his way so that he can leave the driveway, which he politely said he was unaware he was not allowed to park in.

“He can’t leave until I move, and I’m not really moving,” said the Kooky Konfused Karen after a second Black man told her they were trying to get out of the driveway on the property she repeatedly said she was leasing.

“You’re not supposed to stand and park in somebody’s driveway,” she said after the first man tried to explain that he was only there for “30 seconds” while trying to pick up his daughter. (Later he said he had been there only two minutes, to which Karen Karen-splained that she’d been parked there for five minutes before turning to someone else in the car and asking, “How long have we been here, a couple minutes, right?” Apparently, this Karen Kan’t Kount.)

“It’s in front of a building, I did not know,” the Black man tried to explain while Karen just kept on bloviating about how he wasn’t supposed to be there while still blocking him from leaving.

Anyway, let’s just fast forward to the part where the Kouterproductive Kontrary Karen said the thing that should ultimately be the motto of all Krazy Kaucasian Karens, because it’s exactly what they’re all thinking even if they’ll never admit it.

“That’s right, I’m white. We rule!” she declared.

When it comes down to it, all Karens and male Karens alike seem to suffer from the same delusion that they are in charge wherever they are. Essentially, they all appear to believe that their whiteness entitles them to “rule.”

So, yes, she’s just as racist as the rest of them are, but at least this Klan-ish Karen is Keeping it real.


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