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SUGAR LAND, Texas — A teacher has been accused of telling students to punch one of their classmates in the face as they got on a van to go on a field trip, KPRC Local 2 reports.

The problems started when Devarius Williams, 5, and other children from the Robindell Private School took a field trip to a restaurant in Sugar Land last week. Devarius’ parents said he got into a fight.

Devarius’ mother, Barbara Mobley, said the teacher had her own idea of discipline.

“The teacher that was driving his particular van got him and his group together and said, ‘When we get on the van, I want everybody to punch Devarius in the face because he punched the little girl in the face,'” Mobley said.

Mobley estimated that at least a dozen children hit her son.

“As each child got on the bus, she said ‘go,'” Mobley said. “They punched my son and went and sat down.”

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