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House GOP Reps. Taylor Greene And Boebert Speak To The Press After Attending Secret Service Closed Briefing On Finding Cocaine At White House

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Republicans are annoying. Not that Democrats are perfect, or even all that good, but it is the GOP that has turned the political world into a petty, childish, tit-for-tat circus where truth is irrelevant and grandstanding for the sake of grandstanding is the name of the game.

Here’s a simple truth: Donald Trump tried to keep himself in office by spreading election fraud propaganda that has been thoroughly debunked.

We know that, despite the dozens upon dozens of courts that dismissed Trump’s election fraud lawsuits for lack of evidence, Trump stayed on his campaign to lie his way into overturning the election results for months and is still currently dying on that delusional hill.

In Georgia, we know that Trump pressured Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” non-existent votes that would hand the ex-commander-in-would-be-thief a victory in the Peach State that he didn’t earn. We know that dedicated Trump-stump Rudy Giuliani has finally admitted to making false statements about the Georgia election being rigged by election workers.

Yet, with all of this simple truth, Republicans are still pretending there couldn’t possibly be any merit to Trump’s RICO indictment brought on by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (or the grand jury she convinced, rather). Now, Republicans are threatening to take action against Willis for—*checks notes*—literally just doing her job.

From the Atlant Journal-Constitution:

Key GOP state legislators want to use a newly adopted state law to investigate and possibly sanction Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Now U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene may seek federal action.

In an interview in Milwaukee, where Greene is stumping for an absent Donald Trump ahead of tonight’s debate, the Rome Republican said she’s discussed a probe of Willis with U.S. House leaders. The Fulton DA is prosecuting the former president and 18 others for their alleged efforts to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results.

Greene said she’s talked with ranking members of the oversight and judiciary committees about an inquiry into the “potential collusion of the Department of Justice” with state district attorneys. She called it a “serious problem.”

In the immortal words of the MAGA cult’s rust-colored overseer: “There was no collusion.” Or at least none that isn’t uncommon between legal officials.

More from AJC:

Willis and DOJ special counsel Jack Smith each secured indictments against Trump over a two-week span earlier this month, creating the potential for a parallel-track prosecution of the former president.

Willis has said she’s not coordinating with Smith, but such discussions would typically take place through the U.S. attorney’s office in Atlanta. Local and federal prosecutors routinely coordinate charging decisions, though dueling investigations can complicate high-profile prosecutions.

From the New York Times:

In previous cases in which such overlap existed, Justice Department lawyers have requested to see evidence that local prosecutors turned over to the defense lawyers during the discovery process to avoid any surprises that could jeopardize their own case. Local officials are not legally required to comply, but often do, sometimes in exchange for information collected by the government.

Waaaaaah? You mean to tell me that Marjorie Taylor Greene—the legislator who can’t tell the difference between Confederate monuments and Union monuments and wouldn’t know the truth if it landed squarely in the narrow space between her eyes—doesn’t know what she’s talking about? You don’t say.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Greene claimed it’s actually Willis, not Trump, who is guilty of RICO crimes.

“What Fani Willis is trying to do is exactly what she is guilty of,” she said. “She’s charging him with RICO.”

Did MTG provide any substantial argument for what Willis has done that should have her charged under Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations statute? Of course not. Does MTG even understand what RICO is? I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if she thought it was an acronym for Republican Indictments for Caucasians Only or Really Icky Communist Operation. (She did call the indictment against Trump and his 18 alleged co-conspirators “communism” because she also doesn’t know what communism is.)

Again, the GOP is full of grown children and they are as aggravating as can be.


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