During testimony this week, a witness in the Young Thug trial admitted he was high on drugs and might fall asleep on the stand.

Trevian Kutti was indicted on RICO charges.

Donald Trump's RICO co-defendant Trevian Kutti could be jailed if her latest threats against Ruby Freeman violate the terms of her bond.

Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis pleaded guilty to her charge in the RICO indictment for attempting to overturn the Georgia election.


Law professor Cynthia Alkon, who studies plea bargaining, explains what RICO plea deals for Trump's co-defendants are and how they work.

Former Donald Trump attorney Sidney Powell pleaded guilty to charges in the RICO indictment for election interference in Georgia.

"You lack basic understanding of the law."

With a career marked by integrity, courage and a relentless pursuit of justice, Fani Willis deserves her flowers now for being a beacon of bravery amid her bold indictment of Donald Trump.

Marjorie Taylor Green is mad Trump was indicted.

Shein, a fast-fashion retailer, faces charges accusations of carrying out “large-scale and systematic intellectual property theft from U.S. designers large and small” and violating the RICO Act.

Young Thug was reportedly rushed to the hospital prior to court proceedings Thursday (May 11) in his RICO trial in Georgia.

The "Rap Music on Trial" bill will place limitations on how rap lyrics can be used as evidence in criminal cases.