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Karen Calls Police After Catching Beat Down

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There are only a few reasons that come to mind regarding why a racist white person would blatantly display their racism while surrounded by Black people and people of color. Either they’re trying to provoke violence so they can call the police, they’re trying to instigate a reason to start shooting, they’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or they’re being threatened by an international terrorist who says they’ll set off bombs otherwise like John McClane in Die Hard With a Vengence.

But since this Karen who was recently caught on video antagonizing people of color with racial slurs does not appear to be any kind of an action hero and also didn’t shoot anyone, one can speculate that she was both inebriated and attempting to provoke a beatdown—which she was apparently successful at doing.

An X user who goes by the handle @DoubleEmm_ posted a pair of videos that show a white woman who appears to have been beaten shouting racial slurs and other obscenities at the surrounding crowd while she claims to be on the phone with 911.

“Last night this woman was intoxicated (& possibly on other drugs) walking downtown St.Pete screaming ‘N*gger’ ‘Fck Muslims’ + more, even at a group 5 women, 3 of which were black,” the X user wrote. “She swung her purse at them and got beat up by all 5.”

So, the Karen was reportedly the aggressor both in the verbal and physical confrontations she found herself in. Of course, it shouldn’t be the first time a racist white woman called the police over a situation she created.

“I’m on the phone with the f—king police,” the woman can be heard saying while a woman off-camera asks KK-Karen what she just called her.

“A n—ger,” she responded. “You are a n—ger! You are a n—ger.”

“They’re all n—gers,” she continued after being asked what she thinks of the other Black people in the area. “They’re n—gers with you!”

OK, first of all, if this white woman really is on the phone with 911 while sounding like a drunken Grand Wizzard looking for her next lynching victim, one can only imagine there was a 911 dispatcher somewhere thinking: “That crazy Klan lady is going to get stomped again before the cops even arrive.”

In fact, Karen can be heard telling someone who is presumably taking her 911 call, “I got a Mexican punta,” and “I got a Black-a** b*tch…” So, basically, she called the cops to complain about getting beaten up while explicitly demonstrating the reason she allegedly got beat up.

According to @DoubleEmm_, who also recorded the video, it was the racist, slur-slinging Karen who “was put in the back of the police car in cuffs.”

Yeah, this white woman is just lucky there were no folding chairs handy because she clearly didn’t learn from the viral brawl in Alabama that displays of racial aggression and violence don’t work out well for white people who when Black people are all around. These people would be a lot safer if they would just stay home and be racist.


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