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In today’s episode of Racist White People Vs. The Business That Pays Them, another Karen is facing consequences brought on by her Caucasian urge to harass people of color and assert authority that she does not have.

Meet Jeanne Umana, a 74-year-old resident of Santa Barbara, California, who has just been arrested and charged by the Santa Barbara County district attorney with battery and trespassing after she was captured on video in September hassling and making racist comments towards Latino construction worker Luis Cervantes.

The video begins after Umana reportedly walked onto a construction site, apparently, because she saw a brown person and responded as if she was answering ICE’s official bat signal.

“You’re working here, you’re not based out of here, is that correct,” she asks Cervantez, who was patiently trying to explain to this fake Dollar Store detective that she’s trespassing on private property and that she doesn’t have the right to question him about anything.

“I have the right to find out who my neighbors are because I live here, you don’t.”

“OK, but you don’t have the right to come onto private property,” Cervantez said, to which Kapping Karen Kop snidely replied, “Oh, arrest me.”

“I’m an American. I live here, you’re a Tiguanan,” she continued.

“Thank you for being racist,” Cervantez said sarcastically as Umana walked away.

That line must have struck a nerve with his Karen akkkoster, because she quickly turned around and snapped, “I am very, very much against people who break our laws,” she said, just before appearing to assault Crvantez, which would definitely fall under the category of*checks notes*—breaking our laws. 

So, we really don’t need to speculate much to determine that Umana is a racist who spotted a Latino person at work and assumed he was not from this country, here illegally and guilty of some kind of ambiguous criminality that only actually exists in her white nationalist MAGAfied mind. (Yes, I’m assuming she’s a Trump supporter. This is big “build that wall” energy.)

Anyway, the video went viral on social media and sparked a protest in Santa Barbara that hundreds of people showed up to in order to send the message that behavior like Umana’s will not be tolerated.

Unsurprisingly, this was not Umana’s first white supremacist rodeo.

From the LA Times:

A second video, posted by activist Edin Alex Enamorado last week, shows Umana in a separate incident speaking harshly to a sidewalk vendor at a park.

Enamorado, based in the Inland Empire, frequently posts viral video of incidents he believes to be racist and is known as an advocate for sidewalk vendors.

Umana told the local news outlet the Santa Barbara Independent that the second video was recorded in August, before last month’s incident.

“You’re illegal,” Umana says to the sidewalk vendor, who repeatedly asks what the problem is.

“You’re a crook. You’re an illegal crook. You know what crook is? I thought you didn’t speak English! You don’t speak English, because you’re a liar and a crook,” Umana says, threatening the vendor with calls to the police.

Umana claimed in the video that she works “for the Police Department,” as she did in the previous viral video. The Santa Barbara Police Department confirmed Umana does not work for the department.

So, not only is Umana out here harassing every working Latino person she comes across and accusing them of being criminals, but she’s literally telling them she’s a cop when she’s not. (OK, now, I’m also assuming she’s a Herschel Walker supporter.)

So, now that Umana has been caught in multiple viral videos being a bigot under the guise of being a concerned American, and she’s been charged with crimes for it, she appears to be doing the very bare minimum to express contrition. She told the Times she was sorry for her behavior and that her “judgment went very, very badly.”

“Judgement,” huh? It’s funny how many fresh euphemisms white people can come up with for clear and demonstrable racism.

Unfortunately, this is something working Latinos and Hispanic people deal with quite often. Earlier this month, we reported on an elderly Karen and Ken Kouple in Connecticut who also went viral while harassing Latino workers they reflexively assumed were in the country illegally and were arrested and charged for their impromptu border patrol shenanigans.

At some point, these people are just going to have to come to glory on the very real possibility that keeping their bigotry to themselves will be much more cost-effective than trying to enforce their non-authority against people who are literally minding their own business and just trying to exist in peace.


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