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"dust pool in Africa" Karen video


There’s a reason white conservatives are so invested in downplaying or outright lying about slavery and the horrendously perverse narrative that Black people ultimately benefitted from being the property of white people. The reason is simple: white America knows white America. The GOP and its dominant MAGA subset understand that weaponizing white grievances and propagandizing “wokeness” is the party’s bread and butter because they know their people.

And by “their people,” I mean this Karen who recently went viral on TikTok.

The video begins with the Black man holding the camera accusing a visibly aggravated white woman of harassing a delivery person—which is perfectly consistent with a Karen’s abject inability to mind their own business when Black workers are doing mundane things like, well, delivering packages.

“They’re all ganging up on me,” Karen declared, frustrated from the back-and-forth with onlookers, including the Black man, who replied, “Ain’t nobody ganging up on you. You know what you were doing. You were harassing that woman in between those doors.”

Before the Black man even got the chance to accuse the white woman of being racist, she offered up proof that she is, indeed, racist AF.

“You Black people,” she started to say before the man behind the camera cut her off and said, “That’s your thing! It’s because we’re Black!” KK-Karen didn’t bother to deny the allegation. In fact, she elaborated, and things managed to go even further downhill.

“You Black people have an attitude,” she said. “You should be thankful to be in our country. You have a roof over your head. You have food in your mouth. You have a car to drive. You’re not living in a dust pool in Africa.”

Setting aside the fact that so many white Americans have it in their heads that nowhere in Africa’s 54 countries do people have food, homes or vehicles, the wild thing here is that literally no one mentioned anything about slavery, how Black people got to America or whether or not we should feel fortunate to be here. The Black man warned Karen she was going to “be on YouTube,” and Karen’s response was essentially: Black people should stop complaining about America and praise Caucasian Jesus that white people had the ingenuity to force us to do all their work for them for roughly 400 years. 

Nah, Karen must have been holding onto that rant for a while, waiting for her moment.

“So you are entitled to be in America, and I am not?” the Black man asked. You could see on Karen’s face that she wasn’t ready for that gaping hole to be poked right through her “we’ve always been good to you people” narrative, because she had no answers to the man’s perfectly reasonable question. She just stood there stuck with a dumb look on her face before answering, “No,” then saying, “I don’t need a bunch of Black people ganging up on me.”

In another video she’s heard saying she can’t stay in Arkansas because Black people “have taken over like tribes.”

Arkansas is 15% Black and nearly 75% white, so I’m not sure how Black folk have “taken over” anything there, but, again, this is right-wing rhetoric through and through. Karen is just remixing white conservative’s “Great Replacement Theory.”

In a third video, Karen revealed that she knows about as much about American law as she does about African anything. Karen is heard saying to the Black man in front of police officers—who said they were there for an unrelated noise complaint—“You do not have my permission to film me.”

You can tell she was expecting the cops to back her because of how dumbfounded she looked when one of them chimed in saying, “Hey, ma’am, you are in a public place. That’s his constitutional right to do this.”

Karen tried to argue that they were in a “private building”because she naturally thought she knew the law better than law enforcementbut to no avail. So, since she couldn’t get her way, she proceeded to complain again about Black people “ganging up” on her before characterizing Black people as a “pack of wolves.”

I mean—I’m just spitballing here—but maybe all the Black people are against her because she’s so demonstrably racist.

But what do I know? I’m just lucky I’m not living in an African dust pool.


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