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Hair salons are more than just places to get a trim or a new style. They’re sanctuaries where culture, history, and personal expression intertwine. Despite their importance, some hair salons often grapple with unprofessionalism and poor customer service.

On Thursday, a professional hairstylist named @lifeintheashlane hopped on the #oldschool TikTok trend to poke fun and shed light on the unprofessionalism present in today’s hair care industry.

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@lifeintheashlane, who operates The Ladies Room Luxury Beauty Lounge in Nashville, Tennesee, ran off a list of services that she religiously offers her clients as an “old school” trusted hairstylist. She also highlighted the professional practices she implements to keep her business thriving.


“I’m an old-school stylist. Of course, you’re going to get a shampoo when you come in for your appointment,” the professional hair care guru said as she prepped her client for a wash at the hair bowl.

“I’m an old-school stylist. Of course, I’m licensed and work in a regular salon,” the Nashville-based entrepreneur gushed as the camera panned to show a glimpse of her beautiful shop in the background. “State board can’t inspect an apartment, silly!”

The old-school hairdresser went on to boast about how she wears professional clothing around the salon so that her clients take her “serious.” She also beamed about having a working landline phone, where customers can call in and book an appointment. It was a searing dig at some of the hair salons that often force their clients to book appointments online, via annoying messaging apps, or even worse, social media.

The hilarious critique did not stop there.

Further along in the video,@lifeintheashlane praised herself for not charging clients a hefty “deposit” and using salon professional products on her clients. “I’m an old-school stylist. Of course, I’ll tell you if your hair is not healthy. You’ll never ruin my reputation,” the Nashville hairdresser chuckled.

Social media users react to @lifeintheashlane’s video.

@lifeintheashlane’s hilarious old-school TikTok video quickly went viral across social media and users had a lot to say about the hairstylist’s brutally honest post. One user on X, formerly Twitter, said she was baffled by the number of unlicensed stylists that are currently operating in today’s hair care field. Another user noted how an unprofessional stylist once asked her to come to the salon with her hair already “washed and blow-dried.”

“Don’t care to grease your scalp or put product in it. They just do the hairstyle and move on with their day,” she added.

Other users griped about unprofessional salons not having a proper booking system, employees with “nasty” attitudes and the audacity to charge “outrageous prices.”

Yikes! We’ve definitely been in some of these scenarios. In today’s inflated economy, who has time to mess around with all this unprofessionalism?! What about you? Tell us in the comments section about your bad salon experience.


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