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At some point, Turning Point USA founder and mediocre white man for life, Charlie Kirk, needs to admit that needs to admit he has made being an anti-Black troll his entire identity, and that’s why he’s been ramping up the white nationalist nonsense in order to keep his Klans—sorry, fans—engaged. 

In the past week alone, Kirk has brought some Candace Owens fanboy on his show and asked him if Black people find “gangbanging” more acceptable than supporting Donald Trump, he has gleefully admitted to racially profiling Black pilots, and he has doubled down on all of that not-so-veiled racism. Now, Kirk is resurrecting the decades-old salty white argument that the Central Park Five were guilty of the rape they were cleared of more than 20 years ago.

“New York City councilman Yusuf Salaam, who once took part in the gruesome gang rape of a jogger in Central Park, is now furious that an NYPD officer dared to pull him over for having illegally tinted windows,” Kirk posted on X. “Salaam wasn’t even arrested or given a ticket, but after getting away with gang rape he apparently thinks he deserves to be completely above the law. ”

After Kirk got dragged across social media for being a racist manchild starving for attention—and warned by many on X that he was opening himself up to a defamation lawsuit—Kirk deleted his thirsty-for-white-supremacist-love-ass post and replaced it with a lengthier post that quotes the original post and continues to insinuate without evidence that Salaam and the other victims of the Central Park Five were guilty.

“Many people, even on the right, think the Central Park Five case is a story of five completely innocent men, railroaded at random by a racist justice system, who have now been fully and totally exonerated beyond doubt,” Kirk wrote in a loud and still wrong followup tweet that was several paragraphs long. “This is not true and I’ll explain why.”

Kirk’s explanation, for the most part, was a speculation-reliant rant about how convicted murder and serial rapist Matias Reyes admitting to being the sole perpetrator of the rape, and the DNA evidence that backed the confession, don’t prove the members of the CP5 weren’t also involved.

“I should have mentioned that the justification for the vacated sentences was that one man, Matias Reyes, had confessed to the rape and had his involvement confirmed by DNA evidence,” Kirk went on to write. “But in addition, I should have mentioned that Reyes’s confirmed involvement in no way debunks the possibility that others were involved.”

Despite the fact that no physical evidence has ever been found to tie the five defendants to the rape and beating, Kirk thinks it’s more plausible that a proven serial rapist and murderer confessed to the crime but went out of his way to un-implicate the other five teens that were there than it is to believe the CP5 simply weren’t involved.

“I should have said ‘When police interrogated Salaam, he initially claimed to have not even been in Central Park. But when they told him that fingerprints had been found on Meili’s clothing, Salaam’s response was to confess immediately, by saying ‘I was there but I didn’t rape her,’” Kirk wrote earlier in the tweet. He also mentioned that “Salaam argued that his confession should have been inadmissible due to his age at the time — he was 15. But the only reason Salaam had been interrogated is that he lied to the police about his age, and fooled them with fake ID.”

Another way to write that is: A cop lied to a kid and said his fingerprints were found, prompting a coerced confession on the teen who was interrogated without a parent present, which the trained officer did either because he couldn’t spot a fake I.D. or because he just wanted an excuse to interview a minor suspect and claim it was done by the book.

Kirk has also decided to ignore the fact that the boys’ so-called confessions turned out to be factually wrong about key details of the crime, including when, where and how the rape took place. He also mentioned that there was nothing in the police report that indicated Salaam or any of the other false suspects were beaten because, in his boot-licking mind, it’s odd that cops who brutalized citizens didn’t include that part in their official reports.

So, basically, Kirk is showing us that he’s not only a factless, inadequate amateur journalist and political analyst, but he’s also a fake legal expert who occasionally dusts off his Law & Order: WSU (White Supremacist Unit) degree off so he can convict exonerated Black people in the court of public Klan-lovers’ opinion.

So, you know, maybe he’s just racist.


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