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Here’s the thing: I have at least a modicum of respect for explicit racists in media and politics. It’s a minuscule modicum. It’s not the kind of thing that will get members of today’s Republi-Klan party a to-go plate from the cookout or anything like that. But I have a larger appreciation for them than I do the weaselly racist who hides like a coward behind dog whistles and passive-aggressive white nationalism. (It’s only really aggressive-aggressive when it’s time to sign legislation.)

On Tuesday, Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk proudly declared that the only reason President Donald Trump was ever a thing is because Republicans “want a white Obama.”

“The Obama movement was larger than life,” Kirk explained. “They rode this idea of candidate enthusiasm and this idea of hope and change and all of that. But you live by the sword, you die by the sword. And Obama got reelected in 2012, but then Republican voters said, ‘Our turn. We want a white Obama.'”

Not “Republican Obama.” Not “conservative Obama.” Not “MAGA Obama.”

“White Obama.”

And there it is.

This is the energy proud white nationalist Nick Fuentes had when he advocated for a “white uprising” to forcefully put Trump back in office. This is why I felt more vindicated than offended when Dilbert creator Scott Adams told white people to stay away from Black people. (I was far more agitated when he turned around and tried to lean on imaginary Black friends while defending his racist white nonsense.) Obviously, I hate these people as much as they hate Black people, but at least they don’t work so hard to camouflage their racism in pseudo-colorblind politics.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that this is the same Charlie Kirk who was big mad at prominent Black women who admitted affirmative action helped them get into law school, and now here he is admitting without a hint of self-awareness that whiteness was a requirement for white people to elect a man into the highest office in the U.S. of A. (I mean, the other 44 presidents America elected are also an indication of that requirement, but whatever.)

Right-wingers’ continued obsession with the Obamas notwithstanding, Kirk is absolutely right, in my opinion.

I remember when a first heard a man of African descent named “Barack Obama” was running for president, I said, “No damn way,” because there was no damn way America was going to elect a Black man with a foreign-and-probably-Muslim sounding name as commander-in-chief. Then I saw throughout his campaign how he had galvanized and excited most of the country and I knew I was wrong. Likewise, when I first heard Donald Trump was running for president, I said, “No damn way,” because I knew there was no damn way America was going to elect a demonstrably unintelligent ex-Reality TV host with zero experience as an elected official and even less (than zero) experience differentiating reality from self-serving fiction. Then I saw throughout his campaign how he had galvanized and excited less than most of the country (but enough for the electoral college Trump once denounced to slide him the win) and I knew America was in for a doozy of a next four years.

But I always said only a white president could have ever gotten away with being Donald Trump. His cartoonish lack of presidential decorum, governmental knowledge, and qualifications to hold any kind of office let alone president would never be accepted by a candidate of any non-white race, and certainly not a Black candidate.

So, Kirk’s declaration that Trump was electable because he’s white is neither a lie nor is it surprising. It’s far more ridiculous that Kirk and his ilk elected Trump because they also think he’s “charismatic.”

“And the only, I mean, you’ve got Jeb Bush, you had Marco Rubio, and who was the only person that could potentially play the charismatic game as talented as Barack Obama? Donald Trump,” Kirk said.

Really? Charisma? Y’all are talking about this Donald Trump?

I mean, I guess.


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