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If you have the privilege of working remotely, count yourself lucky. According to Forbes, you’re in the 12.7% of full-time employees who report they can manage their 9-5 from the comfort of their own home. But every perk can come with downsides. Some folks working from home may find it difficult to switch on and off from relaxed mode to productivity mode because there is zero separation between the workspace and the chill space. One hack to create a mental boundary for yourself is to actually get dressed for work, even if you’re going to be tapping on your laptop from bed. Here are a few benefits of putting some effort into your work-from-home fashion, according to experts. 

Increased energy

Licensed clinical psychologist Sheva Assar told Huffington Post that habits like sprucing up our appearance in the morning can “increase our motivation to do other things throughout the day, to experience more energy and to want to do more things.” You can use that energy boost towards knocking out a Zoom presentation you’ve been stressing about for weeks. Let’s be honest, it can be hard to feel like a champion in pajamas. 

Dressing up can help you shine from the inside

Psychologist and emotional scientist Tracy Thomas told HuffPost that habits like grooming are “one of the most important things people can do for their emotional, mental, and psychological health.” It can be a subtle way of celebrating yourself. “If you’re dazzling and sparkling, even if it’s just putting on a necklace with your tracksuit, you actually will feel more dazzling and sparkling in life,” Thomas told HuffPost.

It can help you keep the big picture in mind

If you find yourself in a creative rut, changing your aesthetic to something more dressy can help. A 2015 study found that formal dress can aid big-picture thinking. Putting on a power suit can help you see your work from the position of someone in power, which means more abstract ideas and a bird’s eye level of understanding of how teams work. 

You send a message to everyone who interacts with you

Looking good not only affects how you feel on the inside, but it also impacts how the people around you respond to you. Researcher Mary Lynn Damhorst published a paper exploring the relationship between how one is perceived and how they adorn themselves. Damhorst said, “Dress is a systematic means of transmission of information about the wearer.” In short, how you show up matters.

But don’t spend too much time on it if relaxed is your vibe

If you’re a sweatpants everyday type of girl, that’s fine too. If your best ideas come while you’re lounging around comfortably, by all means, do what works for you. Also, if Zoom is the primary way you communicate with colleagues, you can have the best of both worlds: pick a few cute blouses that work on-camera and keep your cozy leggings underneath your desk. “If you’re spending way too much time thinking about what to wear, it’s getting in the way of you showing up more fully,” Assar said.


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