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Can we all just take a second and marvel at the sheer degree to which white men in America lack self-awareness? Listen: Everyone is guilty of throwing stones while living in glass houses from time to time, but the way white men—conservative white men especially—are able to do it so casually and consistently without catching even a whiff of their own hypocrisy is often a sight to behold. Perhaps it’s because we live in a country that was founded by white men who had the caucasity to declare America the “land of the free” just before having their human chattel change their bed linens that this unearned confidence is so innate in even the most mediocre of Caucasian males. 

And by “the most mediocre of Caucasian males”—I mean Donald Trump Jr.

As you know,  Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has been subjected to a hearing to determine whether she should be disqualified from prosecuting the RICO case in Georgia against former President Donald Trump and more than a dozen remaining co-defendants accused of election interference. Willis’ opponents have been scrambling hard to turn her apparently short-lived adult consensual relationship with Nathan Wade, whom she appointed as special prosecutor in the case. Since Willis and Wade’s relationship came to light, Republicans have been working overtime to find a scandal that just doesn’t seem to be there—much like they did while spreading propaganda about non-existent election fraud in 2020, which is what got us here in the first place.

Anyway, on Wednesday, Trump posted a meme on social media that implied Willis is a whore for being a single woman having a consensual relationship with a single man—as if he has completely forgotten about his own history of infidelity as well as that of his father.

“Call of Booty: Modern Whorefare,” read the meme directed at Willis and posted by the guy who famously cheated on his pregnant wife (now ex-wife) with a contestant on his father’s show The Apprentice.

Seriously, it must be the power of white male privilege that causes all of the Trump family men to be so chronically delusional that Trump Jr. is calling a Black woman a whore whose only real “crime” appears to be dating a guy she probably should have had the insight not to make the special prosecutor in a case this high-profile and one that is under this much political scrutiny. Like, bro, your father, the p**sy-grabber-in-chief, is rumored and/or proven to have cheated on every single woman he has ever married—but sure, Fani is a whore.

Mind you, this is the same mediocre white man who recently boasted that Black men regularly walk up to him and call him their “hero.” Now, we all know that Trump was being what Katt Williams affectionately refers to as a “Fat Faizon Liar,” but what’s even more interesting is that he didn’t bother including Black women in his white savior complex-induced delusion. Then again, we probably shouldn’t expect that coming from the guy who compared Michelle Obama to an NFL linebacker and is now calling another Black woman a whore for something that wouldn’t qualify as whoredom even by the most misogynistic standards.

Incidentally, the case against Willis suffered a blow Tuesday after a star witness and former legal partner of Wade, Terrence Bradley, admitted under oath that it was all “speculation” when he previously claimed Willis and Wade’s relationship began several months before the two claimed it began.

It’s almost as if Willis’ opponents are reaching for something that simply isn’t there. Unfortunately, that won’t deter a bunch of MAGA whores from calling her a whore.


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