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In celebration of the trending topic “Follow Friday” on, here’s a list of the top five Black celebrities you must follow.

Trending Topics on are phrases that are arbitrarily created by users, to collaborate and discuss certain popular topics, jokes, or quotes. A growing tradition created by Twitter members in order to show appreciation for their followers is the trending topic called “Follow Fridays”, which is simply typed as “#FF”. Users mention followers in a tweet whom they may find witty, funny, and inspirational, or even solely to reciprocate the Follow Friday mention they received.

I have compiled a list of five celebrities whom I follow, that inspire me daily, entertain me hourly, and quite frankly should be someone you follow.

#1. President Barack Obama (#FF @BarackObama)

Followers: 4,227,691

Not only is he the first Black President, he is the first President to have a Twitter account. If that fact has not sold you yet, get this: he created a trending topic for the State of the Union Address called #STUA, where he gave updates on points he spoke about in his speech. Not only is he a terrific orator, he’s as technologically connected as Tom from Myspace.

#2. Rev Run (#FF @RevRunWisdom)

Followers: 1,086,633

Every tweet Reverend Run posts is true wisdom. You can expect numerous tweets a day that can truly uplift your spirits. His tweets are personal and authentic, so authentic he possibly types them from his bathtub like he does on his hit show Run’s House. Whether you are religious, spiritual, or worldly, his messages speak to people of all walks of life. I honestly think he might be the most re-tweeted, re-quoted person on Twitter, and rightfully so.

#3. Oprah Winfrey (#FF @Oprah)

Followers: 3,663,995

Please do not let anyone tell you she is merely one of the most powerful WOMEN in the world; she is one of the most powerful PEOPLE in the world. Although she does not tweet as regularly as others, her tweets are filled with positivity and encouragement, and constantly remind me that she is still human like you and me. She once tweeted about how excited she was to meet Maxwell, while also promoting her many platforms such as the end of distracted driving.

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#4. P Diddy (#FF @IamDiddy)

Followers: 2,636,745

Mr. Sean “P Diddy” Combs is undeniably the definition of hustle. While many rappers have shed negative light on the hip hop industry, Diddy promotes entrepreneurship, and never has become complacent in his rise to super stardom. He shares his life in his tweets, from business ventures, to family issues. He is so passionate about everything he does, from signing a multi-million dollar contract, to tasting a new dish, his excitement makes me aware that he truly appreciates the supporters, and the luxuries of his hard work. Diddy does everything extravagantly, and does it all.

#5. Dr. Marc Lamont Hill (#FF @MarcLamontHill)

Followers: 11,131

Dr. Hill is currently a professor at Columbia University, but his celebrity is growing due to his unique passion for the proper representation of Black people, as well as his analytical prowess. You may recognize him from his many debates with Bill O’Reilly, particularly their debate about the negative connotations in describing Barack Obama as an “articulate” Presidential candidate. He has proven he can debate any one and win, he’s unarguably the Floyd Mayweather Jr. of academia, and even strikes an uncanny resemblance to the boxer. Recently Hill addressed Slim Thug via Twitter, on Slim Thug’s disrespectful remarks about Black Woman. The two traded words and the story became a headline on many gossip sites. Not only did Hill respectfully and intelligently confront Slim Thug on some of the issues that exist between black men and women, I must reiterate— he confronted a guy named Slim Thug!

As the saying goes, “You are the average of the five people you hang out with the most”. Perhaps by following these successful and inspirational people, you too may find the motivation you need to build your own success. Happy Follow Friday!


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