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For the Golden Globes this year there are no African Americans nominated for any major awards. The only African American character nominated for an award was played by Robert Downey Jr. in blackface.

Downey was nominated for best supporting actor in a comedy for his portrayal of an Australian actor playing an African American in black make up in “Tropic Thunder.”

The only African American people nominated at all are Beyonce Knowles for co-writing a song for “Cadillac Records” and Blair Underwood for best supporting role in a mini-series or TV movie for “In Treatment.” Despite critically acclaimed performance by Jeffrey Wright and Thandie Newton in “W”, and excellent performances by the mostly African American cast of the Wire, no African Americans were nominated at all for any of the Film or Television categories.

Despite the fact that “Raisin in the Sun” was nominated for best movie made for television, none of the actors were nominated for an award.

The Wire was also snubbed earlier by The Emmys. Many critics have referred to “The Wire” as the best show on Television and even the best show ever. While Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin were nominated for “30 Rock”, Tracy Morgan was not.

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