HIV infection rates among young Black gay men are increasing at alarming rates and implicit bias may be fueling it.

Bryan Fischer will say anything to legitimize his beliefs that gay people are cooties-having hedonists destined for a life of hell. Their greatest crime? Not anal, not vaginal for vaginal relations, but daring to ask the majority at large that they treat people different from them with common decency and give them the same legal […]

The public health community has long attributed the increased risk of HIV infection among Black men who have sex with men to high-risk behavior. But researchers at the Center for Black Equity and the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health say the reason may not be so cut-and-dry and could have more to […]

When Barack Obama, our nation’s first sitting African-America President, declared his support for same-sex marriage several weeks ago, it set off an firestorm of sermons from Black ministers the following Sunday denouncing his announcement as an abominable offense. SEE ALSO: Whitney Houston’s Family Grief Made Public And, as we know all too well, the vast […]

I’ve been reading a lot of your comments and no, NewsOne hasn’t become actively “pro gay” nor have we even, as far as I know, taken a position on homosexuality. Suffice it to say, if you’re currently a homosexual, you’re likely to be either “pro-gay” or self-loathing. If you’re not, this doesn’t mean that you’re […]