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Rand Paul is running for Senator for Kentucky with no political or executive experience at all. The two things he has going for him is his father’s name and his connection to the Tea Party movement. Like his father and the Tea Party movements, he has been tied to racism and white supremacist groups.

In his brief run for Senator, Rand Paul has caught himself into several controversies regarding race. Here are his Top 5.

5. He Celebrates At Elitist Formerly All-White Golf Clubs

Rand Paul celebrated his primary victory at an exclusive country club that had a history of not accepting Black people. Rand Paul is a man of the people, yet he celebrates where regular people aren’t allowed. Elitist southern golf clubs, like the Bowling Green Country Club have a history of discriminating against Black people, women, Jews and anyone who isn’t rich.

Despite the fact that Ron Paul criticized Sarah Palin by calling her a Country Club Republican, Paul’s son Rand makes it a point to prove he is a country club Republican. If Rand Paul and the Tea Party are so anti-elitist why are they celebrating their victories at elitist country clubs where regular working class people have no chance of ever going.

Rand Paul is obviously clueless to the stigmas that these elitist white upper crust gold clubs have. Not only are these clubs symbolic of racism of old but also of classism and elitism that the Tea Party condemns.

4. He Hires Neo-Nazis

Rand Paul hired Chris Hightower as a campaign spokesman. When some blogs found that Hightower had “Happy N*&*a Day” with a picture of an African American being lynched posted on his myspace wall and had a blog about Black people looking at him funny because of his KKK hoodie, he resigned while Paul defended him.

3. He Opposes Civil Rights

Rand Paul caused a great deal of controversy when he told Rachel Maddow that he believed businesses had the right to discriminate on the basis of skin color. Like other Republicans who have rallied the support of white racists, while claiming not to be racist, claims that he opposed Civil Rights Act Of 1964 for ideological reasons not racial ones. Still considering the list of racist rallying Republicans like Barry Goldwater and Lee Atwater, Paul is taking the intellectual racist route to rally the racist vote while not disturbing the mainstream.

2. He Take Tons Of Money From White Supremacists And Won’t Give It Back

Politicians often find out that they were given money from people with questionable motives or backgrounds. Most often they give that money back. Not Rand Paul. White Supremacist groups and websites such as Stormfront regularly raise “money bombs” for Rand Paul and link directly to his site. He has also taken money from white supremacist William Johnson, who his father nominated for a judgeship and Carl Ford who is a member of the league of the South. His opponent Jack Conway has demanded he give back the money but while his campaign has issued statements, he hasn’t returned the money.

1. He’s Hangs Out With Conspiracy King Alex Jones

Rand Paul is a frequent guest of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and receives a lot of support from Jones. Alex Jones is conspiracy theorist who believes that the government is responsible for 9/11 and that there is a secret global Illuminati conspiracy to take away the guns of true Patriots and put them into FEMA concentration camps. Though not a white supremacist, Jones is the voice for the Patriot movement in the post-McVeigh era and many white supremacists follow Jones conspiracy beliefs. The Patriot movement, which Jones represents has not only spawned Timothy McVeigh but also Pittsburgh cop killer Richard Richard Poplawski, Glenn Beck inspired right wing terrorist, and the Hutaree Militia which planned a terrorist arrack on a police station according to authorities.

If Rand Paul is not a white supremacist, why do all these white supremacists volunteer for his campaign and donate money to him? Do they admire his choice of elitist golf clubs or his opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Maybe they admire the racist newsletters his father wrote or believe the Neo-Nazi who claimed that Ron Paul was a white supremacist or saw the picture with Ron Paul and the founders of the Neo-Nazi site Stormfront.

In my view the connections Rand Paul has to racism and white supremacism can not be ignored. The only positions that Rand Paul has disagreed with his father on were the only positions of Ron Paul’s that I admired, legalizing marijuana and ending the wars. Paul is clearly trying to keep his white supremacist base while trying to distance himself from white supremacy for the mainstream.

I have written the Rand Paul campaign, asking them to address the accusations of racism and have not heard a response.


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