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By Charles Barron

Charles Barron is running for Governor on the Freedom Party Line in the November 2nd 2010 election. The Freedom Party is a newly forming Black and Latino led political party open to all people. It is a vehicle to address historical & structural marginalization, economic racism, and exclusion of Blacks and Latinos from the state power structure. No more token politics and begging for crumbs that are inadequate to address the dire needs of the Black and Latino community. Charles Barron and The Freedom party represent true empowerment, and a real seat at the table.

In order for the Freedom Party to become “State recognized,” Barron, the party’s candidate for Governor must get at least 50,000 votes  in the November2nd Election. ’s Eva Doyle, an Afro-centric Buffalo Educator, for Lieutenant Governor and  Ramon Jimenez a Latino Harvard-trained Layer, for Attorney General are also carrying the banner of the Freedom Party across the state.

The Democratic Party has selected an all-White New York slate for the state-wide power positions, including that of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and other key seats,  ignoring the equally or more qualified people of color. Barron and The Freedom Party will not stand by & allow the Democratic Party or anyone else to take the Black &Latino vote for granted. For New York’s Black and Latino Community the real issue must be the acquisition of economic and political power, for the purposes of self-help and self-determination.  Politics is about power- the power that decides who has income, education, affordable homes, health care, respect and justice.

The Freedom Party says the struggle is about economics:

•    Stop balancing the budget on backs of poor & working class New Yorkers: rich to pay their fair share

•    Eradicate racism in the budget – discriminatory awarding of public goods/services & contracts

•    Address the crisis of  unemployment, esp. nearly 50% Black Male unemployment

•    Freedom from Police Brutality

•    Economic development approach to preventing youth and other crime in poor neighborhoods

•    Universal, quality, and accessible healthcare

•    Truly affordable quality housing as a human right

•    A culturally relevant education curriculum for our kids, more diverse and competent teaching staff

•    Institute free public transportation & CUNY (public Higher Ed.)

•    Public agencies that are more transparent and accountable

And much, much more.

Charles Barron and the Freedom Party are very likely one of the most important political developments in the history of New York State politics, particularly since gathering over 43,000 signatures state-wide to get on the Ballot. Barron’s Candidacy revolutionizes the political landscape and, quite possibly is just the beginning of a true political empowerment movement nation-wide. The Freedom Party urges you to help make history and vote for Charles Barron for Governor on November 2nd.


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