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It was a story of “girl bites dog” for a teenager who thought she was in a battle for her life with a police K-9.

The dog attacked Natalie Bradley-Wilson outside the Kingdom Hall in the 8200 block of Five Points Road Sunday.

“When it bit me over here again, I ended up biting his neck,” she said.

The 18-year-old felt she was in a struggle for her life with a police K-9 from the off-duty officer’s yard nearby.

“The officer was at his own home, cleaning out his police car. The dog may have been inside the car, ended up outside the car,” said IMPD Sgt. Paul Thompson. “The dog was not on a leash at that time.”

“It jumped back up and got me again. I ended up falling down with the dog,” Bradley-Wilson said.

No one knows why the dog targeted Bradley-Wilson, who was standing in the church parking lot a few hundred feet away, passing other people.

“I ended up falling down with the dog. He started biting me everywhere,” she said.

The K-9’s handler was still in his yard, unaware.

“I had a hold of his collar,” Bradley-Wilson said.

The dog then tore open her forearm.

“Then directed its attention at me here, bit me here. At that point, I was really terrified. If it gets my jugular vein, there’s no way I can survive,” she said.

The teen tried holding the dog’s muzzle shut, then tried biting the dog back to shock it.

“It didn’t act like it even cared that I bit it,” Bradley-Wilson said.

A friend chased the dog off with a briefcase, but not before he was also bitten.

“I started screaming. At that point, I was hysterical,” the victim’s mother said.

Sgt. Thompson said the dog’s handler was remorseful.

“As any handler in an accident would, he felt very badly,” he said.

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