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Atlanta — For the past several years, Hip-Hop artists across the country have held events that encouraged safe sex and the importance of continuously being tested for HIV/AIDS.

Artists like Plies, Twista, Yung Problemz, Yung L.A., Keith Murray, Ludacris, Jamie Foxx, Bun B., Gorilla Zoe, Common and countless others have campaigned in the Hip-Hop community to help stop the spread of the deadly disease amongst teenagers and young adults.

The rapper’s have used many tactics, including giving away free tickets to concerts to encourage testing, created PSA’s, and viral campaigns on social networks to get their fans tested for HIV/AIDS.

The Center for Disease Control provided with recent stats on the eve of World Aids Day, which takes place annually on December 1st.

According to the CDC, the number of adults tested for HIV reached a record high in 2009.

Last year 82.9 million adults between the ages of 18-64 reported getting tested for HIV. That’s a total increase of 11.4 million people since 2006, when the CDC recommended that HIV testing become a routine part of medical care for young people and adults.

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