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Miami Heat star LeBron James may have taken on the Lakers this Christmas afternoon, but that didn’t keep the baller from playing Santa to his two sons, LeBron Jr. and Bryce, this morning in Los Angeles. The all-star got a chance to celebrate the holiday with his family and posted all the goodies on Instagram. […]

Despite his convincing portrayal of the former South African president and activist in the film Invictus, Morgan Freeman is not Nelson Mandela. Unfortunately, no one was around to tell that to the folks of Coimbatore, a southern city in India, when a billboard was erected in the South African leader’s honor featuring a photo of Freeman instead of […]

Cook County prosecutors announced Tuesday that Chicago Police Officer Gildardo Sierra (pictured), who was caught on video shooting an unarmed man 16 times, will not face criminal charges. Prosecutors determined that was Sierra justified in firing the victim, Flint Farmer, multiple times after reasonably mistaking Farmer’s cell phone for a gun, reports ThinkProgress. SEE ALSO:Record […]

Rev. Al Sharpton is set to make his first literary debut in over 10 years with his third upcoming book, The Rejected Stone: Al Sharpton And The Path To American Leadership. The autobiography will be co-published by Cash Money Records’ publishing division, Cash Money Content, ironically enough, the same label of rapper Lil Wayne, a vocal […]

A Georgia woman is searching for answers after her 24 year-old son was found dead in Death Valley, California with several of his internal organs missing. Iris Flowers’ son Ryan Singleton (pictured) had left Atlanta back in July to pursue his dream to become a Hollywood actor. Sadly, the dream was cut short when he […]

A Georgia couple recently celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary, making them one the longest-living married couples in the state. Ralph and Tillie Lee Pullin, of McDonough, Ga., met back in 1936, a day Ralph says he’ll never forget. “She had to sit on part of my knee! And that got my attention like a live wire,” […]

Sending your child off to his first day of kindergarten is nerve-racking for any parent, but to have them go missing that same day is simply a nightmare. Unfortunately, Valencia Bates of Blasdell, NY., a town outside of Buffalo, experienced just that on Tuesday when her 5 year-old son Jon Anderson was dropped off nearly […]

A Montgomery man got the shock of his life while he was driving Tuesday morning and discovered a two year-old roaming the street barefoot, holding a bottle and wearing nothing more than a diaper. The man immediately pulled over and began capturing the incident on video through his cell phone. He was so upset after […]

How many people can say they earned their first million before being old enough to drive? Jaylen Bledsoe, 15, of Gazelwood, Mo., is among the lucky few. The high school sophomore founded his own tech company, which specializes in web design and other IT services, Bledsoe Technologies, at the ripe age of 13 years old. […]

Nearly a week after making headlines for walking off stage during a performance in Hartford, Connecticut, comedian Dave Chappelle is finally airing his side of the story. Last night, Chappelle took the stage in Chicago and immediately claimed his innocence to the audience over his stand-off with a group of hecklers last Thursday. “I know […]

Rapper and Chicago native, Kanye West, has plans to give back to troubled youth in his hometown this summer with the upcoming launch of the “Got Bars” music writing and production program. In August, West’s nonprofit organization, Donda’s House — founded in honor of his late mother Dr. Donda West — and the ARK of […]

Washington Metropolitan police are viewing a recent robbery in the diverse neighborhood of Adams Morgan as a hate crime after a group of black men allegedly robbed a white man in the name of Trayvon Martin. According to District of Columba police, the man was approached by three males early Saturday morning in the 1700 block […]