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President Obama will deliver a statement on the unrest in Ferguson, and updates on the situation in Iraq. Watch the livestream here:

The legendary soul singer Bobby Womack passed away this evening at the age of 70. A representative from Womack’s label, XL Recordings, confirmed the sad news to Rolling Stone. Although the cause of death is unknown, the singer had suffered health problems throughout his life and seven year storied career. Womack began his career alongside his […]

Gone are the days when women would have to choose the boardroom over babies. With images of working moms from First Lady Michelle Obama  to single mothers across the country balancing work and motherhood with style, millennials have been given a redefined view of what it means to be a working woman. Can young mothers truly have […]

“This is for the little brown girls.”- Misty Copeland, Life In Motion  From our place in the audience, Misty Copeland is the picture of perfection. As a soloist in the prestigious American Ballet Theatre (ABT), she is a vision en pointe, as she soars to impossible heights. But as with any success story, it takes […]

New York City mourned the loss of Avonte Oquendo, the young autistic teen who wandered from his Queens school, and was tragically found dead months later. His memory lingers far beyond the missing posters that served as a reminder of the lost teen in the subways.  Arielle Patrick, along with other local young influencers, created […]

What am I? The real question should actually be: Who are you to tell me who I am? Sometimes I can’t believe as a millennial in New York City of all places, that I’m still writing about race. But if President Obama has to deal with this on an every day basis, then who am I to […]

I grew up in a family of storytellers. Around our dinner table, stories of 1950’s era Harlem flow freely, as my grandparents talk about coffee dates with James Baldwin and nights that included live sets at the Cotton Club with Billie Holiday. As a child, these stories were the norm, and I never had a […]