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Anoa Changa (she/her/hers) is a southern-based movement journalist and retired federal government attorney. She currently serves as NewsOne’s weekend editor where she covers news on politics, elections, culture, and justice. Anoa transitioned from a freelance contributor for NewsOne to full-time status in 2021. She also hosts the podcast “The Way with Anoa,” which explores pop culture and politics. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Michael Tracey’s remark about Herschel Walker's accent is an insult to the “countless” Black people around the region.

Names are conspicuously missing.

Student leaders with Harvard’s Affirmative Action Coalition shared statements with NewsOne, ahead of oral arguments in the two cases brought by Students for Fair Admissions.

Voters rejected a second term of far-right rule.

"The Harvard and UNC cases pending before the Supreme Court seek to reverse four decades of precedent and prevent colleges and universities from ever considering race or ethnicity in admissions in any way and for any reason," said Professor Hawkins.

Pennsylvania is one of nine states that does not permit the processing of ballots before election day.

It's the same voter suppression, just a new day and a different tactic.

Judicial elections are often among the least researched races on the ballot, given the lack of information.

We know what can happen when non-cops think they're authorized to act under the law.

A neo-Nazi-led group unfurled an antisemitic banner in California.

Despite pretending to care about "real Americans," conservatives are actually giving a lot of us the finger with these antics.