About Anoa Changa

Anoa Changa (she/her/hers) is a southern-based movement journalist and retired federal government attorney. She currently serves as NewsOne’s weekend editor where she covers news on politics, elections, culture, and justice. Anoa transitioned from a freelance contributor for NewsOne to full-time status in 2021. She also hosts the podcast “The Way with Anoa,” which explores pop culture and politics. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

The president ordered “a full and unconditional pardon” for all U.S. citizens and permanent residents previously convicted of simple possession of marijuana at the federal level and in D.C.

The new interactive campaign "The Magic Street Search" is exclusive to Verizon customers.

Among the first arguments is one of the few remaining sections of the Voting Rights Act.

The vice president's commitment to equity for Hurricane Ian relief angers conservatives.

"Vampire Academy" is one of the latest shows featuring a diverse cast that isn't just a sprinkle of color for good measure.

House Republicans launched a "commitment to America" but amplify debunked claims.

Elijah McClain's official cause of death has finally been reported.

Learn about changes to voting rights since 2020 and how to cast your ballot in the upcoming midterm elections.

Francys Johnson and his colleagues fought an uphill battle at every step of the process, including demands for transparency.

Introduced earlier this year by a former police officer, HB 2319 prohibits individuals from recording police within eight feet. While the law contained a few exceptions, the ACLU of Arizona and media organizations maintained it was unconstitutional.

The plight of protecting democracy is a battle that we've been fighting for generations. But champions of equity and justice for Black and brown communities renew the urgency of combatting white supremacy and extremism.

In honor of "Star Trek" Day, the sci-fi franchise didn't just give us Black characters but also ones who are dynamic and complex, making creator Gene Roddenberry's vision come to life in unimaginable ways.