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On this episode of Listen To Black Women, our hosts break down why the holidays are or are not the right time to introduce your new boo.

The latest instance of a "Karen" going wild on video came in the form of a white woman harassing a Black man at a football game.

The new class of mayors included North Las Vegas Mayor Pamela Goynes-Brown, the first Black mayor in Nevada's history.

Thompson said that while the committee’s work was ending, there was still a long road ahead for the nation.  

Harvard University announced that Dr. Claudine Gay will serve as the  Ivy League institution’s 30th president.

From a lightweight car seat and high-performing baby cam to a Black-owned postpartum kit, here are a few luxurious items to buy the new mama in your tribe.

Residents from Detroit's Core City neighborhood are banding together to oppose a planned concrete crushing facility.

Community members met to discuss concerns. Read more details inside.

There are several downsides to buy now, pay later schemes.

Need a Black-owned gift guide for the holidays? Look no further.

Here are some interesting writing retreat destinations for Black writers. 

There is a new plan to stem hate crimes' rise.