Civil Rights & Social Justice

Catch up on the latest photos, commentary, archives, and more news on civil rights and social justice affecting the Black community.

The bloodletting of white nationalism and white supremacy is no brand new agony for us. Now, we mourn more loss and pray for the families of these full, beautiful, lives stolen during a deadly shooting spree at Asian spas in and near Atlanta.

On Thursday the California Supreme Court ruled that judges can't keep a criminal defendant in jail over their inability to post bail prior to a trial.

Daniel Pantaleo, the fired NYPD cop who used an illegal chokehold on Eric Garner before the unarmed Black man died, has had his desperate appeal to win his job back denied.

A video showing a racist white woman in New York City shamelessly calling a Black bakery employee the N-word went viral, but the NYPD reportedly said it will not be investigating.

Texas attorney general candidate S. Lee Merritt rose to prominence in part by representing families who lost loved ones as a result of high-profile police killings including Atatiana Jefferson in Fort Worth and Botham Jean in Dallas

Advocates, prosecutors, and law-makers agree the law needs to change, but they don’t all agree on a new minimum age for children to enter the juvenile system.

Federal prosecutors contend that Bush did not know his victims and opened fire because of their race.

The Houston police officer whose gunfire hit Legend Smalls, 1-year-old boy, violated department protocol when he opened fire while pursuing a suspect, lawyers for the infant's mother said during a press conference.

AMC Theaters are set to reopen in California this week even as the company faces a damning racial discrimination lawsuit for profiling and calling the cops on an innocent Black patron.

Lawyers on both sides are weighing whether a $27 million civil settlement announced last week between Floyd's family and the city of Minneapolis, will derail their intended outcome of the trial.

Tamir Rice's mother, Samaria Rice, unleashed a series of social media posts aimed at prominent social justice activists including Tamika Mallory and Ben Crump, who she accused of "ambulance chasing," among other things.

A police shooting that led to the death of Nika Holbert, a Black woman, has sparked a larger debate about best practices by law enforcement and who was in the wrong first in the fateful encounter in Nashville.