As Hurricane Ian touches down in Florida, remember who suffers disproportionately. The destruction from hurricanes is never equally distributed.

Maryland’s Republican nominee for governor, Del. Dan Cox, fell flat trying to woo Black voters at Morgan State University, Maryland's largest HBCU.

“Don’t trust the state” to fix the water crisis, Jackson Mayor Lumumba told residents.

A new book claims Trump credited ex-girlfriend Kara Young's intelligence to her white dad.

The coordinated walkout of hundreds of middle and high school students in Virginia to protest Gov. Glenn Youngkin's decision to reverse protections for transgender youth spotlights how Black people face some of the highest levels of discrimination in the trans community.

Black people have for years been leading the chorus of criticism about Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who literally "ran" away from doing his job when being served a subpoena.

Swatting is a dangerous hoax where emergency services are informed of a threat such as a shooting, bomb, or hostage situation at a specific address. 

Gadsden County Commissioner Jeffery Moore resigned over the picture of him in a KKK outfit.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams keeps opposing bail reform as deaths mount in the notorious jail.

Getting eligibility information is the first step.

Subscribers are promised "sensual" content including "lingerie on the weekends."

There is a ghost roaming the halls of Pickens County Museum in South Carolina and his name is Willie Earle.

Learn about changes to voting rights since 2020 and how to cast your ballot in the upcoming midterm elections.

The woman at the center of Emmett Till's death dictated “I Am More Than A Wolf Whistle” more than a decade ago. It represents the first time she has spoken openly about the case.

Florida Democrats walked out of a confirmation hearing for anti-mask Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo because he refused to directly answer questions about vaccine efficacy, among other things.

A reflection of the country they represent, Harris, along with other Black women leaders within the Biden administration, leverage their platforms to elevate issues impacting Black and other communities of color that past administrations have overlooked.

Democrats in Congress reintroduced the Raise The Wage Act on Tuesday to increase the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 by 2025, moving the needle towards a living wage for millions of undeserved populations living in America.

Democrats are trying to spread a message of racial unity during their national convention, but Republicans are apparently planning for the polar opposite when they gather to nominate Donald Trump for re-election.

Surveys show that white folks still aren't supporting the issues as much as Black people.

The reports of voter suppression that plagued Georgia's primary election have disastrous implications for the general election in November.

Maxine Waters headlines a growing list of Democrats expected to boycott President Donald Trump's 2020 State of the Union address.

Kamala Harris may have suspended her presidential campaign early last month, but so many elements of her candidacy have remained thriving, thanks in no small part to the Democrats who are still running for president.