Here's a closer look at the Blackest TV shows produced by Norman Lear, whose death draws attention to his iconic sitcoms like "Sanford and Son" and "Good Times."

The actress and producer was 51. The date and cause of her death were not immediately confirmed. Here's everything we know.

Izaye Eubanks terrorized his victims "because of their national origin," the DOJ said.

Grace Jabbari testified in Jonathan Majors' domestic violence trial that she didn't want the actor, "as a Black man," to be arrested and pointed out he called 911, not her.

During the GOP primary debate, Vivek Ramaswamy defended Donald Trump and pushed the racist "great replacement theory."

Democratic Attorney General Aaron Ford announced the indictments of six state Republican accused of being fake electors in the 2020 election to rig a win for Trump.

Donald Trump's RICO co-defendant Trevian Kutti could be jailed if her latest threats against Ruby Freeman violate the terms of her bond.

Philadelphia has reduced school-based arrests by 91% since 2013.

The unarmed, exonerated Black man was shot to death during a traffic stop in Georgia.

An artist is facing backlash for her African female version of Sinterklaas.

The police narrative behind the excessive force is unraveling.

Watch scholar Nyle Fort break down the reciprocated solidarity between Palestinians and Black Americans.

The centrality of the Bible in Black life cannot be overstated, Rev. Osagyefo Sekou writes.

The teen who refused to give his Citi Bike bike to Sarah Jane Comrie and his family spoke out about the viral incident.