Neals, 56, currently serves as County Counsel and Acting County Administrator for Bergen County, New Jersey, and was the first judicial nominee of President Joe Biden's administration.

Biden is also expected to visit the historic site and spend time with survivors and descendants.

Including previously introduced proposals such as investments in infrastructure, jobs, childcare and early childhood education, the new Biden budget seeks to reposition Americans socially and economically.

The visit comes amidst another push for meaningful law enforcement reform as The George Floyd Justice In Policing Act stalls in the Senate.

We want legislation that upends harmful systems and replaces them with programs and policies that go beyond remedying individual harms and provide true safety and well-being for our communities.

More than two weeks after Neera Tanden withdrew her name, Shalanda Young's nomination for the role continues to sit idle as the White House considers a list of other nominees. 

The Senate confirmed Linda Thomas-Greenfield to serve as President Joe Biden's ambassador to the United Nations on Tuesday in a 78-20 vote.

Dem lawmakers reintroduced legislation on Thursday urging President President Biden to use his executive power to act.

While Biden is open to having a conversation with Republican lawmakers, Democrats remain committed to putting the needs of struggling Americans first.

President Joe Biden Biden rescinded the Mexico City policy, also known as the “global gag rule,” which prevents non-governmental organizations that receive U.S. aid from providing abortion-related services.

An open letter is calling on Joe Biden to ensure Black veterans' needs and concerns are finally prioritized after what they described as centuries of neglect and unequal treatment by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Former Nation Security Adviser Susan Rice's new role as "race czar" comes after the NAACP demanded the Biden-Harris administration create a new position addressing racial justice, equity, and advancement.