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1. Kathryn Johnston, 92

Chicago Assigns Extra Police Due To Threat Of Gun Violence Memorial Day Weekend Source:Getty

Atlanta police officers left Kathryn Johnston in a hail of bullets after they forced open the front door of a home and found Johnston with a revolver, they alleged, during a botched drug raid on Nov. 21, 2006 that reportedly prompted a major overhaul of the department’s drug unit.

2. Tarika Wilson, 26

The residence of 50-year-old convicted r Source:Getty

A SWAT team arrived at Tarika Wilson’s home in Lima, Ohio on suspicion of drug dealing before they opened fire and killed Wilson and wounded her 14-month-old son, who she held, on Jan. 4, 2008 in an incident that protesters said highlighted longstanding pattern of police harassment and systemic racism in the largely black city.

3. Shereese Francis, 30

About a thousand Black Lives Matter activists rally at the... Source:Getty

Shereese Francis’ family called for medical assistance for the emotionally distraught young woman, who police cornered in a bedroom, forced face-down onto a bed and handcuffed before she went into cardiac arrest, in Queens, New York on March 15, 2012 in a tragedy that sparked conversations about criminalizing mental illness.

4. Shantel Davis, 23

SayHerName Source:Getty

Police pursued an unarmed Shantel Davis, who allegedly drove a stolen car, during a wild high-speed chase that ended with a struggle and a fatal bullet in Davis’ chest in Brooklyn, New York on June 14, 2012.

5. Alesia Thomas, 35


Alesia Thomas died in a Los Angeles Police Department patrol car after a videotaped violent struggle with officer Mary O’Callaghan — in which O’Callaghan reportedly struck her in the throat and kicked her in the groin while handcuffed — during an arrest for alleged “child abandonment” on July 22, 2012.

6. Malissa Williams, 30

Protests Break Out After Cleveland Police Officer's Acquittal Source:Getty

More than 100 Cleveland police officers fired 137 shots into the car of unarmed driver Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams — who reportedly lived in a shelter struggling with drug addiction and mental health issues — during a nearly 30-minute multiple-cars chase that began when cops mistook the sound of a car backfiring for gunshots on Nov. 29, 2012.

7. Darnesha Harris, 17

Baton Rouge Reels In Aftermath Of Ambush Shooting Killing Three Police Officers Source:Getty

Darnesha Harris was slain on Dec. 2, 2012 when officers fired into the vehicle she was driving after she reportedly crashed into a cop car and hit a bystander in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

8. Shelly Frey, 27


Off-duty Harris County, Texas sheriff’s deputy Louis Campbell fatally struck Shelly Frey in the neck in front of two small children after she allegedly shoplifted and ran away from the deputy who detained her outside of a Walmart store on Dec. 6, 2012

9. Miriam Carey, 34

Miriam Carey Protest Source:Getty

Miriam Carey was driving with her daughter on Oct. 3, 2013. After making a U-turn at a police checkpoint in Washington, D.C., she was shot to death by police.

10. Yvette Smith, 47


On February 16, 2014, Yvette Smith, a mother of two, was fatally shot twice by a Bastrop County Sheriff’s deputy in Texas while on the front porch of her home, where deputies arrived after reports of a fight between several men.

11. Michelle Cusseaux, 50

Protesters stop traffic in Washington Source:Getty

A Phoenix, Arizona police officer fatally struck Michelle Cusseaux at close range after he was called to take Cusseaux, who he claimed wielded a hammer, from her apartment to a mental health facility on Aug. 14, 2014, just days after Michael Brown’s fatal shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.

12. Aura Rosser, 40


Two Ann Arbor, Michigan officers shot Aura Rosser to death after they responded to a domestic disturbance call and Rosser, who was reportedly mentally distraught, “confronted” them with a knife, they alleged, on Nov. 9, 2014 in a tragic incident that prompted protests tied to Black Lives Matter.

13. Tanisha Anderson, 37

Editorial use - Clese up of a Police car with flashing lights Source:Getty

Tanisha Anderson, who was schizophrenic, died on Nov. 12, 2014 after losing consciousness while physically restrained by Cleveland police using alleged excessive force after cops responded to her family’s 911 call for help with her.

14. Eleanor Bumpurs, 66

USA, New York, Protesters of police killing march in New York demanding Justice For All Source:Getty

On Oct. 29, 1984, Eleanor Bumpurs was shot to death while resisting eviction in her home. The incident sparked controversy as Bumpers was mentally ill senior citizen.

15. Natasha McKenna, 37

Prince Georges County Corrections Officers Wear Bodycams Source:Getty

Natasha McKenna, who reportedly was mentally impaired, died at a hospital on Feb. 8, 2015 after she was restrained and tasered four times by a team of deputies who were videotaped while trying to remove her from her cell at Fairfax County jail in Virginia.

16. Janisha Fonville, 20

People's Monday Black Lives Matter NYC march - Janisha... Source:Getty

Janisha Fonville, who was reportedly mentally ill, was pronounced dead at a hospital after she was shot twice by a police officer, who responded to her northern Charlotte, North Carolina apartment on a domestic dispute call and claimed she lunged at him with a knife, on the night of Feb. 18, 2015.

17. Meagan Hockaday, 26

CA: LAPD Gang Unit Source:Getty

On March 28, 2015, Meagan Hockaday was killed by an Oxnard, California police officer when she allegedly confronted the cop and her live-in boyfriend with a knife inside an apartment — three children were in the apartment at the time — after the officer responded to a call about a domestic dispute.

18. Alexia Christian, 25

About a thousand Black Lives Matter activists rally at the... Source:Getty

Alexia Christian, a mother of two, died at a hospital after a reported gunfight with two African-American police officers, who alleged that they found her in a stolen car and handcuffed her before she somehow pulled a pistol and fired at them in the back of a police car, in downtown Atlanta, Georgia on April 30, 2015.

19. Sandra Bland, 28

About a thousand Black Lives Matter activists rally at the... Source:Getty

Sandra Bland, a civil rights activist, was pulled over by Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia during a violent traffic stop and then found dead in a jail cell three days later in Waller County, Texas on July 13, 2015 — a tragedy that provoked outrage and spurred activists to fight for Bland as part of an ongoing #SayMyName movement.

20. Gynnya McMillen, 16

Black Lives Matter March Source:Getty

Just hours into her first day ever spent at a juvenile detention facility, Gynnya McMillen took her last breaths in a cell at the Lincoln Village Juvenile Detention Center in Kentucky after staff allegedly used a martial arts-style “Aikido restraint” on her for four minutes and 15 seconds to remove her sweatshirt on Jan. 11, 2016 in a case that raised questions about criminal neglect.

21. Symone Marshall, 22


Symone Marshall, mother of a 3-year-old-daughter, died in a Huntsville, Texas, jail on May 10, 2016 as a result of what her family said was “gross negligence” when Marshall did not reportedly receive proper medical care following a brutal car accident and arrest.

22. Korryn Gaines, 23

Tensions Flare In Baltimore After Confusion Over Gun Possession Arrest Source:Getty

Baltimore County police officers fatally wounded Korryn Gaines after they claimed that they responded to her apartment because of an issued arrest warrant and found her with a gun in a situation that led to an hours-long standoff documented by Gaines on social media and shootout that also left Gaines’ 5-year-old son injured by bullets in Maryland on Aug. 1, 2016.

23. Deborah Danner, 66

On the fourth day following the U.S. Presidential election,... Source:Getty

Sgt. Hugh Barry killed Deborah Danner, who he claimed confronted him with a baseball bat after he responded to her Bronx, New York apartment following a call to police about her acting erratically, on October 18, 2016 in an incident that raised questions about police handling interactions with emotionally disturbed people.

24. Alteria Woods, 21

Orlando police officer shot and killed; deputy dies in crash during manunt for suspect Source:Getty

A pregnant Alteria Woods was an innocent bystander who was fatally caught in the crossfire and used as a human shield by her boyfriend, who was wanted by police, during a morning shootout amid a SWAT raid at “suspected drug home” in Gifford, Florida on March 19, 2017.

25. Charleena Lyles, 30

Protestors Rally After Police Shooting Death Of Pregnant Woman In Seattle Source:Getty

Charleena Lyles, who was pregnant and struggled with mental illness, was fatally struck by police officers, who reportedly fired seven shots in front of several children at her apartment after they responded to a reported burglary, in Seattle, Washington on June 18, 2017.

26. Cariann Denise Hithon, 22


Cariann Denise Hithon, a Temple University honor student who visited Miami Beach for her birthday, was fatally shot by police after she reportedly drove into an officer on the evening of Oct. 8, 2017.