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The movement to leave Twitter has gained even more traction after Elon Musk’s recent decision to change the name and rebrand the company to X, replacing the iconic bird logo that has been around since Twitter’s inception. 

Musk’s move comes as the Billionaire works to change Twitter into what some are calling an everything app, similar to China’s WeChat. 

Since Musk bought Twitter the company has suffered a 50% drop in advertising revenue. Musk believes the name change will help propel the platform into the positive when it comes to revenue. But some believe that Musk’s decisions will only hurt the brand more. 

This name change is “a gloomy day for many Twitter users and advertisers” and a “clear signal that the Twitter of the past 17 years is gone and not coming, Intelligence analyst Jasmine Enberg told CNBC.

“Twitter’s rebrand is a reminder that Elon Musk, not Threads or any other app, is and has always been the most likely ‘Twitter killer.’

Social media has become a staple part of our daily lives as well as a powerful tool for activism, creativity and so much more. But let’s be real: The lack of diversity within the ownership and operation of these platforms is a cause for real concern.

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With heightened awareness surrounding Twitter’s direction since Elon Musk‘s recent takeover — including the newly imposed limitations on tweet visibility and an overwhelming amount of racist comments becoming prevalent — many social media users have expressed that they are actively seeking alternatives that offer a more inclusive and representative space. It’s seemingly never been more evident that the need for such social media platforms that prioritize diversity, respect and inclusivity is more crucial than ever.

One alternative is to intentionally seek out social media platforms that are owned and operated by Black people.

By actively engaging with Black-owned platforms, users are not only able to contribute to the creation of digital spaces where Black experiences are valued but they also can do so in a place where they are celebrated,  amplified and valued. Moreover, these platforms provide a much-needed space for Black voices to share their stories, express their creativity and build thriving online-based communities.

One of the reasons for social media alternatives being sought out is the lingering issue of how Black creatives — especially Black TikTokers — are still facing the issue of their work being appropriated or stolen, making it difficult for them to receive the recognition they deserve. This ongoing problem makes it difficult for those original creators to get credit and recognition for their work and/or viral trends. 

Supporting Black-owned social media platforms is also about more than just finding alternatives. Beyond moving on from Twitter, showing such support is about celebrating Black brilliance and promoting inclusivity, as well. It is also about reclaiming ownership, representation and agency in the digital landscape. These Black-owned social media platforms serve as proof of the power of community-driven initiatives.

Keep reading to find nine Black-owned social media platforms that offer spaces where Black voices are valued, their stories are shared and their communities thrive. There’s nothing like using something by us, for us.

Here are nine Black-owned social media platforms that are viable alternatives to Twitter by providing unique and valuable communities and addressing the need for diverse digital spaces.



BEAN App Source:BEAN

BEAN is a dynamic app that allows users to connect with friends, share their experiences authentically, and empower their community. It offers features like disappearing stories, direct messaging, and the ability to support local businesses, making it a platform that fosters expression, connection, and economic empowerment.

2. BlackPlanet

BlackPlanet Doc Source:iOne Interactive

BlackPlanet, a prominent black-owned social networking site, provides a dynamic platform for black individuals and communities to connect, share, and celebrate black culture. Owned by Urban One, BlackPlanet offers a space where users can engage in meaningful discussions, explore diverse content, and forge connections with like-minded individuals within the vibrant black community. 

3. Fanbase

Fanbase App Source:Fanbase App

Fanbase is a content app where users can share photos, videos, live streams, and long-form content. It offers the option to monetize posts by gaining subscribers for exclusive content while also allowing users to have free followers like other photo/video sharing apps.

4. FrequencyPeople

The Frequency app Source:Frequency People

The Frequency People app empowers creators, brands, influencers, and artists to monetize their followers through ticket sales, ads, subscriptions to exclusive content, and NFTs, providing diverse revenue opportunities within personalized hubs.

5. GoodFeed

GoodFeed Source:GoodFeed, a vibrant black-owned online community and social media platform, is dedicated to empowering bold and discerning individuals who are seeking a more enriching social media experience.

6. MelaninPeople

MelaninPeople App Source:MelaninPeople

MelaninPeople is a vibrant social media platform dedicated to connecting black and brown people from around the world. It provides a space for interaction, talent showcase, cultural exchange, and international business opportunities, fostering a sense of community and empowerment.

7. Movespot

Movespot App Source:Movespot

MoveSpot is a dynamic social networking platform that blends virtual interactions with the opportunity for in-person meetups, offering media sharing, live streaming, and messaging features for a lively and connected experience with friends.

8. Spill

Spill App Source:Spill

Spill, a groundbreaking app developed by former Twitter employees. Spill was gaining popularity before the release of Instagram’s version of Twitter, known as Threads. However, Spill had already captured the attention of users seeking meaningful discussions and a more positive online experience.

9. TruSo

TruSo App Source:TruSo

TruSo is an innovative social network that revolves around video, creating a virtual space that mirrors the authentic conversations found in real-life communities like barbershops and beauty salons. As the app is still in development, TruSo is actively seeking investors to support its vision.