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In Trump’s America, bigots are continuing to test the racist waters in public, and one Walmart customer reportedly thought they could unleash their fury on one unsuspecting Black person. But little did they know that this Black person was iconic rapper Trina. 

Self-described as “The Baddest B*tch,” Trina made a name for herself as one of Miami’s top tier spitters. A simple viewing of a “Love & Hip Hop” reunion would also tell you that she doesn’t take lightly to disrespect. But apparently, one Walmart viewer doesn’t partake in the culture.

According to TMZ, witnesses say Trina was shopping at a Walmart in Cooper City, Florida when she bumped into another woman in the aisle. This prompted the lady to respond to Trina, saying, “Watch out, you ni**er b*tch.”

Then, all hell broke loose.

Trina was caught on video going on an epic tirade against the racist white woman. “Say it again you dirty-ass b*tch,” Trina could be heard screaming. “I am a n**ger bitch. Say it again! I dare you to say it!” You can watch the fireworks below.


Eventually, the police were called to the scene, however, sources say that the cops didn’t take a police report because Trina decided against it. The rapper was escorted out the building to her car as a safety measure. According to TMZ, cops didn’t speak with the woman who allegedly spewed the racial slur towards Trina.

Regardless of her outcome, the ruin Trina unleashed on her will surely be remembered. If not by her, then definitely by the Internet. Folks swiftly came to Trina’s side as a champion against racism.

Trina spazzing in Walmart is the energy I’m on this season. I’m not playing with ya’ll,” one user tweeted

“Oh hell nah!! I need the address 2 this white b*tch house,” one Twitter user posted. “What we not finna do is disrespect my FU**ING QUEEN TRINA!!”

Again, a simple viewing of “Love & Hip Hop” would have proven that Trina can be as professional and calm as the rest, however, if you pull the wrong straws, she will definitely snap. In a 2019 “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” reunion, she went off on fellow Miami rapper Trick Daddy after he condemned her for making “pretty” records instead of “ratchet” records similar to the ones they made in the 90s. Trick Daddy then said that if he’s featured on a record, he has the “hardest verse” on it. This is when Trina exploded on him saying, “Not on the record me and you on though. My verse is harder and that’s why you mad!”

Trina is not to be played with.


In an interview with TMZ, Trina revealed that she was initially trying to comfort the racist woman because she saw that she was crying. “I just looked over and was like, ‘Oh hi, are you okay?’ and she looked up like a demon, demonic very evil, satanic witch — and she was like ‘Get away from me you n***er bitch,’” Trina explained. Right away, Trina was taken aback and confused and when she ran into the lady again near checkout, Trina’s friend demanded an apology. “And that’s when she just looked around acting belligerent like ‘why are you guys asking me I don’t know anything’ and I said say it again,” Trina explained. That’s when the curse-out ensued.

You can check out more reactions to Trina’s explosive scene at Walmart below.