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The self-proclaimed Queen of All Media has built her career on digging up celebrity dirt and blasting the news on radio and television. While some gossip lovers can’t get enough of her tell-it-like-it-is style, many high-profile stars have publicly voiced their dislike for the talk show host. Now, it appears like sweet irony with Wendy in her own drama.

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Wendy’s husband, Kevin Hunter, allegedly got another woman pregnant — the woman also reportedly lives in a home just  a few doors down for them, which Kevin supposedly bought for the mistress years ago. Allegedly, Wendy  will file for divorce. In addition, there are rumors that Wendy has been self-medicating herself with pills and Love B. Scott exclusively reports that although the chat fest was renewed through the 2019-2020, there are “concerns over Wendy’s health are clouding chances for any further renewal.”

The 54-year-old sent a cease and desist letter to Love B. Scott to retract the story, which they refused and is laughable considering she has created a career out of gossip.

In truth, Wendy has been getting called out for years. See the list below of celebs, including recent ones, who have ripped into the gossip icon.

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1. ‘Family Matter’ Actress Cherie Johnson Calls Wendy’s Current Situation Karma

2. Method Man

Method Man voiced his extreme dislike for Wendy back in 2006. After the then radio host broke a story about the rapper’s wife suffering from cancer (he wanted to keep the news private), the rapper sent out a threat, saying she would “be dealt with.”

3. 2Pac

2Pac Source:Getty

Some of Wendy’s beefs date back to the early 90s and one of her most popular feuds was with the late Tupac Shakur. After she reported that Tupac was raped in jail, the rapper went on a tyrant to retaliate against her. He wrote a song called “Why U Turn On Me,” in which he said Wendy was overweight and needed to try Jenny Craig — along with a lot of other cruel things that we can’t write here.

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4. Janet Hubert

The original Aunt Viv called Wendy’s show “a bully platform” in an open letter in 2013. “I would accept her offer for forgiveness but I would not appear on her show,” Janet wrote after the talk show host asked Tatiana Ali why she was replaced on “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” “Her talk show to me is a platform of hatred. It’s a bully platform…It’s like a giant disco from the ‘80s. It’s tacky. I don’t do tacky.”

5. Tyler Perry, Usher and LL Cool J

Tyler Perry, Usher and LL Cool J Source:Getty

At one point in Wendy’s career, she was known for “outing” people she suspected of being gay — Tyler Perry, Usher and LL Cool J were often her targets. As a result, all three stars have refused to visit her show.

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6. Sean P. Diddy Combs

Sean P. Diddy Combs Source:Getty

Diddy reportedly got Wendy Williams fired from Hot 97 back in the 1990s– reportedly for questioning his personal life. They went years without speaking, but in a 2012 interview, Wendy said she’s finally “over it.”

7. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Source:Getty

Mariah and Wendy have publicly gone back and forth with each other for years — while some comments have been subliminal, others shots have been as blunt as they come. In 2008, Mariah Carey spoke about Wendy’s interview style in her song “Touch My Body.” Wendy also called the songstress “classless” during her stint on “American Idol” last year. Mariah has never appeared on her talk show.

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8. 2009 American Music Awards – Show

2009 American Music Awards - Show Source:Getty

Back in Wendy’s radio days, she had an infamous on-air confrontation with Whitney Houston. After Williams dragged Whitney for years on the radio, Houston called into the show to talk her album “Just Whitney.” She repeatedly asked Houston about her alleged drug problem, the singer shot back with, “If this were back in the day in Newark, I’d meet you outside.” It was a brutal interview and when Wendy got her talk show she went on a campaign to have Whitney on the show — Whitney refused.

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9. Will Smith

Will Smith Source:Getty

Mariah Carey and Tupac aren’t the only celebs who’ve made references about Wendy in their music. Will Smith spoke his peace in a song 2005 song titled “Mr. Nice Guy.” “Wendy Williams, you don’t know me/ I’m not your punching bag, you won’t blow me/ Up, girl better leave me alone/ Before I buy your radio station and send ya home” he spat.

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