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This week’s firing of Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD officer who used an illegal chokehold on Eric Garner, was no solace to the family of the unarmed Black man who was killed more than five years ago. That was especially true after the NYPD gave a slap on the wrist to Sgt. Kizzy Adonis, who was “accused of failing to properly supervise officers after she arrived at the chaotic scene” where Garner died in Staten Island in July 2014.

While social justice activists have long joined calls from Garner’s family to have Adonis fired, “Commissioner James O’Neill signed off on an agreement under which Adonis will lose 20 vacation days and avoid a public disciplinary trial,” the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Garner’s mother reacted with outrage. But after having her repeated pleas greeted with silence, she said she was far from shocked.

“I’m not one bit surprised but I am outraged and disgusted by how the de Blasio administration and the NYPD continue to show that they don’t care about the murder of my son or Black lives,” Gwen Carr said in a prepared statement. “Sgt. Adonis has had charges pending for years. It’s disgraceful that they waited more than 5 years until after Pantaleo was fired to cut her a deal so that all she’s facing is losing some vacation days and they want us to accept these crumbs as if there is some justice.”

While the news about Adonis, who is Black, was announced, there was no announcement about the other NYPD officers who responded to the scene and, as Carr says, should also be fired.

“I will continue to fight until the Mayor and NYPD bring disciplinary charges and fire Justin D’Amico, Lt. Christopher Bannon, Craig Furlani and Mark Ramos – and until they release the names of other officers who engaged in misconduct like illegally leaking sealed records,” Carr’s statement continued. “I’m going to continue to fight because letting these officers stay on the force and continue to be paid by taxpayers is an injustice to Eric and it’s dangerous for all New Yorkers.”

The fate of these officers was up to O’Neill, but many also placed blame on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who still has not taken a single instance of action against any of the police officers involved, preferring instead to deflect attention to the NYPD.

Below is what we know about the other members of the NYPD who Carr and other activists were demanding be fired, too.

1. Kizzy Adonis

NYPD officers involved with Eric Garner's death Source:Justice Committee

“Adonis was charged under the department’s disciplinary process in January 2016,” the Associated Press reported. “She was not part of the team out investigating that day but heard the radio call and was nearby and responded to the scene.

“Video taken by bystanders shows Adonis standing by as Garner lay handcuffed on the pavement, motionless, for several minutes as officers waiting for paramedics to arrive.

“No one attempted to give Garner CPR during that period.”

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill, who decided that the best way to address Adonis was to dock her four weeks’ vacation time, “concluded that nothing about her actions caused the use of the banned chokehold or delayed the arrival of medical attention for Garner,” the AP wrote.

2. Christopher Bannon

NYPD officers involved with Eric Garner's death Source:Justice Committee

Lt. Christopher Bannon texted his officers that Garner’s death was “not a big deal.” Bannon was not n the scene of the death, but one officer who was there texted him that Garner was “unresponsive.” That was when the lieutenant downplayed what many people have called a murder.

3. Justin D’Amico

NYPD officers involved with Eric Garner's death Source:Justice Committee

Officer Justin D’Amico was riding in the ambulance with a dying Garner on that fateful day in 2014 when he filled out arrest papers listing what the Associated Press called “a felony tax charge that would have required prosecutors to prove Garner, a small-time street hustler, had sold 10,000 untaxed cigarettes.” That number proved to be false since D’Amico later testified that Garner was only in possession of “four sealed packs of cigarettes and one opened pack with 15 cigarettes with a Virginia tax stamp on the bottom.”

4. Craig Furlani

NYPD officers involved with Eric Garner's death Source:Justice Committee

Officer Craig Furlani was one of the officers who helped handcuff a dying Garner, who had been wrestled t the ground while in an illegal chokehold by Pantaleo. Furlani did not try to render aid to Garner, who repeatedly told officers that he couldn’t breathe.

5. Mark Ramos

NYPD officers involved with Eric Garner's death Source:Justice Committee

Ramos, who was partners with Furlani, was also one of the officers who helped handcuff a dying Garner. He also did not try t render any aid to Garner, who lay there dying in broad daylight.

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