After debasing himself at the White House, Kanye West has traveled to Uganda. But make no mistake, not even the Motherland can save him from the sunken place.

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Kanye reportedly went to Uganda to finish his ninth studio album, which is reportedly titled “Yandhi.” During the trip, he met with President Yoweri Museveni, and gave the leader a signed pair of his overpriced shoes, which were also autographed by Kim KardashianSky News reports Museveni gave them African names in return, noting, “The leader called him Kanyesigye, a popular name among the ethnic Banyankore group which Mr Museveni hails from. And Kardashian was given the name Kemigisha, meaning ‘the one with blessings from God,’ the president’s office said.”

Kanye also thinks he has the power to bring tourism to Uganda and told Museveni that he has plans to turn the country into Jurrasic Park, according to TMZ. Jurrasic is not the best example, as it is a capitalistic, violent amusement park that resulted in destruction due to greedy colonizers. Well, we all know how Trump loves colonizers with dragon energy.

See photos and videos of Kanye’s strange trip below.







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