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When Beyoncé dropped her new Ivy Park x Adidas clothing collaboration two weekends ago, the Bey Hive and fashion enthusiasts rejoiced in the singer’s take on activewear. So much so that pieces from the line sold out within hours. Now, it seems like Popeyes is trying to cash in on the hype and Twitter naturally has thoughts.

According to CNBC, Popeyes announced on Wednesday that they would be selling a limited-edition clothing line that may favor Beyoncé’s Ivy Park x Adidas look. However, Popeyes argues that they’ve been having their employees rock such looks for a long time.

On their Twitter account, Popeyes posted a picture of employees wearing their clothing line with the caption, “Love that look? It’s our uniform. Has been for a while. And now you can buy it.” On their Instagram, they doubled down by writing, “Nothing new here. Just the uniforms we wear every day. Now available for everyone. Link in bio.”


Could these posts be shady shots aimed at Beyoncé? Did the Queen Bey borrow or take inspiration from Popeyes’ color schemes? Twitter was conflicted.


Many people pointed out that, at one point, Beyoncé even had a lifetime membership to Popeyes. She confirmed the news on the “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 2003, saying, “I really love Popeyes. I can’t really eat it anymore but at one point, everywhere I went, people would buy me Popeyes, like the fans,” she said on the show. “And Popeyes heard. So they gave me a lifetime membership and every time I go, I can pull out the card and get as much Popeyes.”

She ended with, “But I’ve never used it because I’ve been too embarrassed.”

There’s no telling if Ivy Park x Adidas’ maroon-and-orange colors were inspired by Popeyes, but some fans seemed to notice the similarities immediately.


It’s possible both entities could be cashing in on the other’s viral success. Last summer, Popeyes was in a viral Twitter feud with Chick-fil-A over which restaurant had the best chicken sandwich. Popeyes’ sandwich quickly sold out as soon as it was released and it was the cause of long drive-thru lines, a few customer scuffles and even a murder.

Meanwhile, when Beyoncé announced her Ivy Park x Adidas collaboration, large orange boxes filled with clothing were sent to her celebrity friends. Everyone from singer Janelle Monáe to Ellen DeGeneres received a box stashed with jackets, jumpsuits, shoes, hats and more. The gifts helped the clothing line go viral.

Popeyes’ clothing line, dubbed That Look from Popeyes, is available while supplies last and the proceeds will go to the Popeyes Foundation. The restaurant chain, which is a unit of Restaurant Brands International, also confirmed that the models on the collection’s website are indeed Popeyes employees.

You can check out some hilarious reactions to the release below.