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After Donald Trump‘s constant ridicule and name-calling, Joe Biden has decided to entertain this already muddy election with a nickname for Trump.

Drum roll…

It’s “President Tweety.”

According to MSN, Biden mentioned the nickname in a Monday video message addressed to the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Victory Fund’s progressive summit. “Trump is out there tweeting again this morning. I call him President Tweety!” he said.

Biden’s new Christening of Trump might come as a surprise considering last week he said he was “really resisting” to give Trump a nickname.

In an interview that was featured in Vanity Fair, Biden reacted to Trump’s usual nickname for him, “Sleepy Joe.”

“Trump is a master at laying nicknames on people,” Biden said. “I can hardly wait to get onto the stage with Donald Trump.” He added, “I’m really resisting giving a nickname to” the president.

While “Sleepy Joe” alludes to Trump’s belief that Biden is unfit to be president, considering his history of mixing up his words, “President Tweety” is in reference to Donald Trump’s constant Twitter fingers that blast out outrageous and oftentimes immature tweets. Some have even nicknamed Trump “The Twitter President.” Trump has also used Twitter to communicate political information in which the accuracy of its content can sometimes be questionable.

According to a study by The New York Times, Trump used Twitter to deliver more than 11,000 tweets during his first three years in office. In January 2020, he set a daily Twitter record of 142 tweets and retweets.

Meanwhile, in Biden’s Monday video message, the former vice president to Barack Obama said that Trump was moving way too slow with sending out federal relief aid to workers and businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. He argued that the current man in the White House should be more concerned about this, rather than firing off tweets.

“How are we supposed to do that if you’re sitting on the money small businesses need in order to stay alive? Stop tweeting about it. Get the money out to Main Street now,” Biden said. “It’s there. It’s been passed.”

Responses to Biden’s nickname for Trump have been mixed. Of course, many Trump supporters hated it and thought it was dry. Some clapped back with some sarcastic jabs of their own.


Meanwhile, people on Joe’s side were eagerly ready to spread the cause.


But there were also some detractors. Check out more responses to “President Tweety” below. Time will tell if the nickname catches on.