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Rihanna is gracing the cover of “Vogue” for the sixth time. It’s a feature most writers would dream of but for Abby Aguirre she didn’t have time to prepare and let everyone know.

She has been getting hit hard on Twitter.

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In the story, Aguirre wrote, “Normally I bring a list of questions, but I didn’t have time to prepare one, which I make a split-second decision to confess. ‘I’m winging it, so you have to help me,’ I say nervously. Rihanna flashes a grin that is somehow both reassuring and mischievous. ‘Aren’t we all?’ she says.”

After getting tons of backlash, Aguirre responded on Twitter with, “GUYS. I was driving to Trader Joe’s in sweatpants when I got the call and literally had to flip a bitch. I research my subjects to death. *Especially* Rihanna. I appreciate the anger behind the reaction. But this is a misunderstanding, for which I take full responsibility.”

People were not impressed and dragged her hard in the comments. One user wrote, “When did you get the call? You’re still withholding how long it was btwn when you knew this would be happening and when it actually happened, despite the schedule being pushed up a day.”

Another added, “Knowing the year Rihanna was having, knowing that you work for Vogue and had the potential to be assigned the piece more delicacy could’ve been paid here to ensure that the piece harolded her instead of being about how inconvenienced you were by her. The victim hood was palpable.”

And there was this gem, “Ok but you…. Left that part in your article? What were you hoping to achieve by publishing this? It was YOUR experience, which YOU wrote about. YOU didn’t have to frame it in a way that implied that you just winged it bc you couldn’t be bothered. Make it make sense.”

See the reactions to below: