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Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield teamed up for a love story called, The Photograph, that many thought could be the modern day version of Larenz Tate and Nia Long’s Love Jones or an ode to any other Black love story from the ’90s. However, Twitter appears to be torn between the film meeting their expectations and being underwhelmed, as they were looking for more.

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The film is the story of two women who are on a quest to find themselves, and in the process find love. The first story is based in the mid-‘80s, according to the LA Times, and follows a young woman named Christina who leaves her hometown of Louisiana to pursue a career in photography. The second story, which is the primary focus of the film, is based on Christina’s only child, Mae – played by Issa Rae, who is a curator at the Queens Museum in New York City. Her mother had recently died of cancer and left her with a long letter, and a black and white photograph, hence the title of the film.

Mae eventually befriends Michael, played by Stanfield, who plays the role of a magazine reporter and is penning a story on her mother. On assignment, Stanfield travels to Louisiana to meet a man named Isaac, played by Rob Morgan, who once dated Mae’s mother and had a home filled with her photographs. The project takes him to New York City, where Mae is creating a retrospective honoring her mother at the museum, The Undefeated reports.

Stanfield’s character is enamored by Mae, and despite having just gotten out of a relationship, and considering a job in London, that hardly deterred their yearn for one another. The two face their own emotional obstacles, while trying to embrace the feelings they evoke within one another. And while the plot sounds good in writing, Twitter has been sounding off and folks are on both sides of the fence. Some love the story, others thought it was missing something.

One person said, “It was great seeing BrownSkinned people in love, and no I wasn’t looking for trauma or anything but when u see it and it ends u gonna be like “okayyyyy that’s it?!?!?”

Another wrote, “My wife didn’t explain what movie we were going to see yesterday and just called it a ‘love movie’ I thought it was just another rom com but The Photograph was a very refreshing to see especially during black history month. I’m always down for movies that have amazing soundtrack.”

A third called it “boring,” writing, “The Photograph was pretty boring ngl [not going to lie]. It was one tone the entire movie and that damn Jazz music in every scene.. I slept for like 35 minutes of it.. idk.”

The film hit theaters on Valentine’s Day.

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