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Nipsey Hussle was having a beautiful memorial service and, for some reason, rapper YG decided to bring colorism to the stage. Social media users were disgusted.

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YG said, “We got some light-skinned pretty girls we got to raise. We in trouble my nigga, what we gonna do?” Yep, you heard right — he clearly almost said “bitches” instead of “girls.”

Watch the disturbing video below:

Thursday was clearly not the day to spit this type of nonsense.

The death of the 33-year-old rapper has touched millions of people, including those who may not have been familiar with him before, which is why a public memorial at the Staples Center in Los Angeles seemed fitting. Considering the tragic way the rapper died, some respect on the stage was necessary.

Tens of thousands of people attended the sold-out event, including Lauren London, the rapper’s partner, and their children as well as Nipsey’s parents and family. Their positivity far outweighed what some might call negativity from YG.

Stevie Wonder performed at the memorial, fulfilling the wishes of the late rapper who said he wanted the iconic entertainer to sign at his funeral. Before singing, Wonder spoke about the tragedy and vicious cycle of losing Black lives to violence. He then broke into a rendition of “Rocket Love,” a song that Stevie said he was told was one of Nipsey’s favorites.

Snoop Dogg spoke briefly and started off his comments with recognizing the strength that London has been displaying since her partner was killed nearly two weeks ago. “Every real black man needs a real Black woman in their life,” Snoop said about the couple to a round of applause.

Nipsey’s brother also took the stage to reminisce about the slain rapper and was perhaps given the warmest welcome by the crowd. Samiel Asghedom told tales of the two of them growing up in South Central Los Angeles. The rapper’s parents also took the stage at their son’s memorial and were lauded across social media for their collective calm under such trying times.

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke and compared the rapper’s legacy to that of reggae legend Bob Marley. He also made an impassioned plea to young people to stop disrespecting and killing one another.

And to top it all off, President Barack Obama sent a letter to be read at the memorial. “While most people saw the Crenshaw neighborhood as gangs bullets and despair, he [Nipsey Hussle] saw potential,” the 44th president wrote in a letter that was read aloud by Karen Civil.

However, it was YG who got a lot of the attention, mostly negative, once the memorial ended. For all of the reasons, YG should have kept the colorism to himself. See the brutal reactions below.











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