Ann Coulter recently told Republican 2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley to "go back to your own country."

Professors say the White nationalist gathering will make campus unsafe for students and staff.

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'Good Times' executive producer Norman Lear reveals that Jimmie Walker Jr. is dating conservative pundit Ann Coulter.


  In a controversial new article, Republican strategist Raynard Jackson claims that Black women have abandoned Black men by supporting President Barack Obama and that White women are the only ones who can save them. RELATED:   GOP Strategist Raynard Jackson Challenges President Obama, ‘Black Elite’ [OPINION] Ann Coulter Continues To Be An Insufferable Shrew Pointing to disheartening […]

Ann Coulter (pictured) is the kind of person who makes you question your vow to never wish ill on on a person. I don’t especially care whether her schtick — which is essentially being as offensive as possible to the delight of crotchety racists in need of a wet dream — is genuine, but I […]

Ann Coulter defended calling President Barack Obama ‘the retard” during the third and final presidential debate, saying “screw them” to critics of her tweet, reports Huffington Post. RELATED: Ann Coulter Calls President Obama ‘The Retard’ On Twitter Speaking to Alan Colmes, who was banished to the barren wastelands of Fox News radio so he could no longer […]

Ripping a recent page from Tagg Romney’s playbook, racist and conservative (at the risk of sounding repetitive) commentator, Ann Coulter, is once again writing verbal checks that her a** can’t cash. RELATED: Romney’s Son Said He Wanted To ‘Take A Swing’ At Obama Proving how desperately she craves attention — which I’ll grant her for […]

GOP darling, Ann Coulter, has no problem placing her ignorance on display for the world to see, and her appearance on ‘The View’ proved to be no exception. Shamelessly plugging her book, “Mugged,” in which she attempts to position herself as an expert on all things Black, she explains that liberals are race-mongers who don’t […]

Conservative pundit, Ann Coulter referred to President Barack Obama as rapper “Flavor Flav” at CPAC last Friday. After Coulter said that Obama was not “mawkish” like Carter or “sleazy like Clinton, she went into her criticism of Obama. “Voters with forty years of politically correct education are ecstatic to have the first black president. They […]

Some folks make themselves very hard to like.  Ann Coulter appears to be one of those people.  The right wing pitbull for everything conservative used to be adored by so many within the Republican Party.  Yet over the last few years her rants have alienated her even from some of the most dedicated in her […]

Ann Coulter, the woman who makes her money with silly soundbites, decided to offend half the world by stating that “our blacks are better than their blacks,” referring to conservatives vs. liberals. I wasn’t surprised to hear this kind of banter from Coulter, who is smart enough to know how to sell books by saying […]