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Some folks make themselves very hard to like.  Ann Coulter appears to be one of those people.  The right wing pitbull for everything conservative used to be adored by so many within the Republican Party.  Yet over the last few years her rants have alienated her even from some of the most dedicated in her party.  Case in point,  the Huffington Post reports on how she was censored on the popular MSNBC show “Morning Joe” for apparently calling Senator John McCain a “douchebag”.

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“I’d rather have [silence] McCain was consistent, he was [silence] we have Romney and Gingrich [silence],” she said, before realizing she had been bleeped and asking, “what did I say? Douchebag?”

To hear her speak like that about someone in her own party is not entirely shocking to some.  Shes had a long record of being disrespectful of many Democrats.  Not too long ago she was quoted as saying:

“I think the government should be spying on all Arabs, engaging in torture as a televised spectator sport, dropping daisy cutters wantonly throughout the Middle East and sending liberals to Guantanamo.”

As if that was not enough, Ms. Coulter took it to an entirely new level and went onto go after late Senator and political icon Ted Kennedy:

” Speaking again about Romney’s repeated policy shifts, she said, ‘I mean, you’re flipping from positions you held when you came within five points of taking out that human pestilence. Come on, give the guy a break!'”

After her most recent comments against Ted Kennedy and McCain, it will be interesting to see what leaders from within the Republican Party condemn her remarks.  Do you think Ann Coulter has burned a bridge within her own party?  What are the limits of “shock talk” if any? Tell us what you think!  Read the complete story on Ann Coulter in the Huffington Post.

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