Right-wing anti-vaxxers took to Twitter to try - without any proof - to blame Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin's scary injury on his "vaccine status."

Public Figures

After being widely mocked for her failed anti-vax interview with Trump, Candace Owens deflected ensuing criticism by fat-shaming Megan McCain for being pro-vaccine and calling her "clinically obese."

Kyrie Irving isn’t vaccinated, and the choice has left his teammates without a point guard. Now, everyone except for Kyrie Irving has something to say about Kyrie Irving – especially the right-wing anti-vaxxers.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is recruiting police officers from around the country who may not be happy with immunization mandates in their respective cities.


A rally for NBA player Kyrie Irving that also served as a protest against the vaccine mandate preventing him from playing this season drew comparisons to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots after turning violent in Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon.


Florida Republican congressional candidate Lavern Spicer ignorantly tweeted, "They let Magic Johnson play basketball with FULL-BLOWN HIV but won’t let Kyrie Irving play because he won’t get a COVID shot." Yes, really.

Allen West, the Republican anti-COVID-19 vaccine gubernatorial candidate in Texas, is downplaying his admitted case of "COVID pneumonia" as "not serious" despite being hospitalized with low oxygen levels.

Dozens of state troopers in Massachusetts have resigned following the state's recent COVID-19 vaccine mandate in the latest instance of public servants quitting because of pandemic guidelines.

Responding to the report of holdouts among NBA players who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar spoke in no uncertain terms about their "arrogance" and what he described as hypocrisy when it comes to following guidance from health professionals.

Right-wing talk show host Wayne Dupree, who has repeatedly downplayed the COVID-19 vaccine, recently admitted he has been "battling COVID-like" symptoms over the course of several days.

Teachers and other school staff in Oregon must be vaccinated by Oct. 18. But a special education staffer at an elementary school decided protesting in blackface was the way to protest the change.