Whether it was family legacy or the story of a bunch of eclectic kids from Hillman that influenced you to attend a Historically Black College or University, the experience like any college career is one to remember. On Tuesday, actor and E! News anchor Terrance J  discussed his HBCU experience and what it means to […]

Gerod Roth, the man who posted a photograph of his co-worker’s three-year-old son that ended up being the subject of racist jokes on Facebook, has released an official apology for his actions. Roth, also known as Geris Hilton, was fired from his marketing job in Atlanta after his post sparked racist and ignorant remarks about Cayden Jace Jenkins, the son […]

Three Black police officers were responding to a report of a "suspicious individual" when they showed up at the wrong house, shot the wrong man

The last known video of the Georgia teen shows her leaving Minick's home with a dog. Her family says her disappearance hasn't been taken seriously.

A graduation pool party in Atlanta, Georgia turned tragic over the weekend when a shooting broke out, injuring four and killing a 19-year-old college football player, according to WSBTV. The Saturday shooting took place in Fayette County. The party, attended by over 200 guests, ended abruptly after security guards were told the DJ’s daughter was given […]

Atlanta police shot and killed a 25-year-old woman, who may have been handcuffed in the back of a police car, after she allegedly pulled a gun and fired twice on Thursday evening, according to The Huffington Post. Alexia Christian, a Black mother of two, died at a hospital after the alleged gunfight, the report says. […]

After being found guilty of the largest cheating scandal in the nation, 10 former Atlanta educators were sentenced Tuesday, some up to seven years in prison. Judge Jerry Baxter of Fulton County Superior Court sentenced the educators to less stringent prison terms than the 20 years previously expected, USA Today reports. The educators were accused of taking part in a cheating scandal by changing […]

A group of teachers, principals, and administrators from Atlanta were found guilty this week of taking part in one of the nation’s biggest cheating scandals for their own personal gain. According to the New York Times, 11 teachers were convicted of racketeering, while some were charged with perjury and giving false statements to the police. The cheating scandal […]

In a bit of good news in a landscape in which many Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are facing tough times, a trustee from Morris Brown College announced on Thursday that the school has “victoriously emerged from bankruptcy.” Morris Brown Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Rev. Dr. Preston W. Williams II released a statement […]

The headline is as frightening as it sounds: “Half Of Atlanta’s Newly Diagnosed HIV Patients Have AIDS, Grady Testing Finds.” Yet, what may sound like an isolated problem is a complicated issue whose faults are multidimensional and could easily pour over into other major metropolitan cities. If they haven’t already. As NPR’s Lisa Hagen reports, […]

As police look into the death of an unarmed Air Force veteran killed by a police officer, activists are speaking out about police tactics in Atlanta. The shooting happened Monday afternoon in a Dekalb County apartment complex, reports the New York Times. Anthony Hill, 27, who allegedly suffered from bipolar disorder, was having an episode and […]

Fulton County officials in Georgia are investigating a shooting that left a 22-year veteran officer dead late Tuesday night. The officer was shot during an ambush while responding to a shots fired call with his colleague shortly after midnight. Neighbors in the Fairburn neighborhood claim the suspect was shooting in his own home before knocking […]