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Sharron Smalls, the principal of Jane Addams High School in The Bronx, landed in hot water on Friday over the possibility that she improperly gave class credits to students. Now HALF of the entire senior class is in danger of not graduating because they do not have enough credits to do so.

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The scheme was called “double dipping” by a teacher at the school. Stephen Tavano was quoted in the New York Times:

“Clearly, there’s an agenda of credit accumulation, and it certainly plays into this. There’s tremendous pressure to get students to graduate, but what has to be understood is that they’ve got to graduate the right way, according to the standards of New York State. And the principal made it a point to break the rules.”

But now, credit fudging isn’t the only kind of hot cocoa mess that Sharron Smalls is finding herself in. Shortly after the story broke, pictures from Smalls’ Facebook page surfaced, including a photo of Smalls cavorting in chocolate sauce with a man who appears to be a male stripper. The New York Daily News reports:

On Friday students retaliated by plastering the school with the photo of a bare-chested man spraying the scantily dressed principal with what looks like melted chocolate as the two grind on a dance floor.

Until this week Smalls used the photo for her Facebook profile. The pic has left kids flabbergasted, considering her dress code for the school declares “the thug look is out.”

“I cannot believe my principal would dance like that,” said shocked senior Christine Daniels, 18, who saw the photo online, where it has also been making the rounds on email.

“She doesn’t want us to come to school with short shorts and then she turns around and does this,” said senior Tehrra Smith, 17. “It’s gonna be bad for college, very bad.”

Smalls, 43, is accused of handing students chemistry credits for cosmetology courses and geography credits for tourism classes. Teachers say the fraud may lead to more than 100 seniors not graduating from the F-rated school because they lack credits in high-level math courses.

Smalls has already been blasted by teachers and parents over the scandal – and now officials say she should have shown better judgment online.

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