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AFlorida mother is demanding action after her 12-year-old son was assaulted in school. Lauren Springfield wants the teacher fired who was reportedly in the proximity of three white kids beating her child who only has one kidney.

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Lauren Springfield told WTSP, “We learned that the teacher was actually in the locker room and I don’t understand that. How can you be in the locker room in your office, hear this going on, and you just tell the kids to chill out? You never once get up in the span of four minutes to go and check on the child? I don’t understand that.”

She continued, “Your number one priority is the safety of your students. Originally I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt because I’ve been a teacher, but then to know that he was right there and couldn’t stop it. I mean, we could be having such a different conversation right now. Had he hit his head harder, had the right punch been thrown he could’ve had permanent damage. He could’ve been dead.”

The Lakeland, Florida police charged one student, who was suspended for 10 days, with misdemeanor simple battery. Three other kids are reportedly disciplined through the school’s code of conduct policy.

According to Polk County Superintendent Jacqueline Byrd, the physical education teacher, who allegedly has an office in the locker room near the attack, was reportedly “in the area.” The district will supposedly investigate where the teacher was “in proximity to those students” and he may face disciplinary action.

The extremely disturbing video from Sept. 10 showed a white kid beating her son in the locker room of a Florida middle school. The clip shows the kid holding him down and hitting him repeatedly while other students watch. An adult was nowhere to be found, according to the clip.

Lauren Springfield blasted the school in a Facebook post. She said she asked the school administration how they would respond to the video and according to her, their response was “We can’t tell you.”

Springfield said she went to the courthouse in an attempt to get a restraining order against the kids. However, the judge argued that since the attack allegedly didn’t happen multiple times, Springfield would not be granted the protection for her son.

“It only takes one hit for a child to die,” wrote Springfield. “How many more times would you like this to happen to our child or any other child? Throughout the entire attack this little boy laughed and smiled – and you think he won’t do it again?”

Springfield also brought attention to the racial aspect of the violence. “I can guarantee you had this been a group of Black students on a lone white student we would be having a completely different conversation. I am disheartened, I am tired, scared for my son and completely enraged.”

Watch the press conference below:


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