The rapper wants to incentivize marriage.


A lack of access to health care and other social services is partly to blame for skyrocketing HIV rates among gay Black men.


Black-led community development financial institutions can counter barriers to prosperity.


A 2013 clip of Don Lemon's "Ways to Fix the Black Community" on his "No Talking Points" segment resurfaced after the controversy surrounding his comments about Nikki Haley and women in their "prime."

This episode of the Amanda Seales Show dives into the impact of magazine covers on the black community and much more!

Good News

Nike is donating $8.9 million in grants to grassroots nonprofit organizations working to advance social justice.


Vaccine hesitancy and misinformation require a deeper understanding of structural racism and the COVID-19 experience of Black communities.

Implying that Black people don't speak up for other oppressed groups is a flat-out lie.


Van Jones did not apologize to the Jewish community on behalf of Black people's "silence" over Kanye West's antisemitism, but criticism followed anyway.

Race Matters

Ben Carson said attacks on Black conservatives like Herschel Walker are the left's "attempt to divide the Black community."

A 1967 essay could help explain -- not excuse -- the recent behavior of Ye and Kyrie Irving.


The first stop on the Real Talk Drives Real Change tour was in Washington, D.C., to host a conversation about higher education in the Black community.