Black Cops

The Flint Police Department in Michigan is defending two Black officers' violent arrest of a handcuffed white woman.

Wisconsin cop Joseph Mensah has killed three people in five years and never been charged.

A newly reduced prison sentence for former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, who was originally convicted of third-degree murder, has prompted speculation about the legal implications it has for Derek Chauvin, who was found guilty of the same charge for killing George Floyd.

A Dallas County judge ordered the release of Bryan Riser, a former Dallas cop accused of capital murder.

Amid calls to reimagine policing in America, a new study suggested that having fewer white cops would reduce the rampant police brutality.

She details being racially profiled in a traffic stop.

An investigation over the shooting has ended.

Awhite security guard is now facing charges for pointing his gun at a fully uniformed Ohio sheriff's deputy and yes, the deputy is Black.

Three Black police officers were responding to a report of a "suspicious individual" when they showed up at the wrong house, shot the wrong man

A Black law-enforcement advocacy group criticized prosecutors for filing an assault charge against an African-American Seattle cop involved in an off-duty brawl, while not charging two white Seattle officers who stomped on a prone Latino suspect in another incident. The Seattle Times Reports: The decision by the City Attorney’s Office to charge Officer Garth Haynes […]