Maeghan Hall, who was fired as La Vergne, Tennessee police officer over a sex scandal with other cops, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit specifically naming the Black cops involved.


Our surprise that five Black police officers could brutalize another Black man indicates we have an impoverished understanding of race and racism in this country.

Police Brutality

The Flint Police Department in Michigan is defending two Black officers' violent arrest of a handcuffed white woman.

Wisconsin cop Joseph Mensah has killed three people in five years and never been charged.

A newly reduced prison sentence for former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, who was originally convicted of third-degree murder, has prompted speculation about the legal implications it has for Derek Chauvin, who was found guilty of the same charge for killing George Floyd.


A Dallas County judge ordered the release of Bryan Riser, a former Dallas cop accused of capital murder.

Amid calls to reimagine policing in America, a new study suggested that having fewer white cops would reduce the rampant police brutality.

She details being racially profiled in a traffic stop.


An investigation over the shooting has ended.

Awhite security guard is now facing charges for pointing his gun at a fully uniformed Ohio sheriff's deputy and yes, the deputy is Black.

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Three Black police officers were responding to a report of a "suspicious individual" when they showed up at the wrong house, shot the wrong man